Team Spirit

Just stopping in quickly to say hello!  I have a bit too much on my plate today though so I must keep this short!  Also, please disregard my awkward swoop hairdo, courtesy of the wind.
Outfit Details: Dress - Vintage, for sale in shop here! // Toggle Coat - Vintage, coming soon to shop! Boots & Leggings- Marshalls // Scarf - Gift from friend

I wore the pretty vintage plaid dress from the shop to a hockey game this weekend with R and the people from his office.  The maroon dress was an ode to the Colorado Avalanche team colors without actually having to wear a jersey.  The effort was probably lost on most.  We had an awesome club box courtesy of Rob's graphic design office stocked with food and beer so it was a fun night out!  Unfortunately, the Avs lost, but for me the free food and beer  and awesome view obviously made up for the poor game!
    Hope you all are having a good week! I am so excited for the upcoming holidays!
xo Hannah


  1. What a cool dress. I love it. Perfect for the season, specially because plaid is so trendy right now. you look fab!

    xo, Carla

  2. This is a great dress, l love the print and the way it looks with that scarf. Such a lovely combination!!
    Sounds like a fun time at the game, box seats are the best!

  3. Love the colors in this outfit! Alex


  4. A hockey game sounds fun to go too. I'm sure the fans appreciated and totally noticed the colors btw. Sports Fans ALWAYS notice their teams' colors.

  5. such a beautiful plaid dress - perfect for the season! :)

  6. This dress really suits you, I think! But I guess it'll be suiting someone else soon ~ & it sounds like it was a fun night! Free food is always the best

  7. That coat looks so cozy, and I think that dress is too adorable!(:

    decked out in ruffles