Spring Neutrals

A plain v-neck tee and high waisted jeans are pretty much my favorite go-to outfit.  Colorado got confused and thought we were going into winter instead of summer there for awhile, so I've found myself reaching for neutrals instead of the typical springy pastels.
Outfit Details
Tee- Forever 21
Pants - H&M
Booties - DSW
Scarf - DIY
Watch - c/o JORD
Field Coat - R's Mom // L.L. Bean

I don't want to speak too soon, but it seems like the rain here has finally lifted. It's so nice to be sitting in my office with SUNSHINE pouring through the window. Light definitely makes me feel inspired and motivated over those grey days where it looks like evening at 10am and not even a cup of coffee can lift my mood.
    In other news, if you follow my instagram, you will have seen that I finally started fostering kitties again!  It has been over a year, since the first year in our house the landlord didn't want any animals.  So, now on top of having our own sweet girl Lilikoi, we have three adorable baby girls for a few weeks as well!  I built a little enclosure for them in our basement.  Here is a snap of Firefox, and here is one of Safari!  Can you guess the third one's name? ;)
xo Hannah


Earth Soil Land // Jord Watches

With the continued grey skies and downpours in our usually sunny state of Colorado, I have found myself in a style rut.  I'll put on an outfit just for the sake of blog photos, when I've really been stuck inside feeling uninspired in baggy tees and leggings.  But then sometimes something new arrives in the mail, and I find myself re-inspired, drawing out new outfit ideas and throwing dresses out of my closet like a madwoman.  So was the case when this beautiful new watch arrived in the mail on Monday from Jord watches.

Outfit Details
Vintage Dress - for sale in the shop here!
Wood Watch - c/o JORD
Succulent Crown - handmade - in the shop today!
Heels - Bait Footwear

I was a little hesitant at first when Jord reached out to see if I would like to try out one of their wooden watches, only because I am honestly not a huge watch person.  Most watches I find are too flashy or ill-fitting to be comfortable on a daily basis, which was why I was pleasantly surprised by my experience with Jord.  I loved the low key, more androgynous style options that they offered and you can have your watch sized by them to fit you perfectly.  Inspired by the fact that JORD means earth, soil, or land in Swedish, I decided to don a vintage floral dress from the shop, handmade floral crown, and mossy green shoes to complete the look I was going for.

Needless to say, I may have been converted to a daily watch wearer, and the company itself was refreshingly honest, kind, and easy to work with.  I am wearing their Fieldcrest style, which I would highly recommend, but also love the Ely in Maple.  And definitely check out their amazing sizing options and measurement guide, because the fact that the watch actually fits perfectly made all the difference!

And in other news, I just created a small limited edition batch of these succulent bridal crowns, which will be in my shop later today - I am so excited about them!  Hope you guys are having an amazing week!
xo Hannah

Mens Wooden Watches


Alley Cat Gingham

Took this vintage set from the shop for a twirl last week in the five seconds that it hasn't been raining lately. These were taken in the alley outside of the little art studio we were renting, and I of course was approached by a kitty while taking them because of my extreme(ly creepy) cat whispering skills.
Here kitty kitty!
Outfit Details
Vintage Set - for sale in the shop here!
Shoes - H&M

We are finally back in our house and they are finishing up the construction today!  Our house feels like some sort of mansion after living in a tiny studio with R and Lilikoi for the week, and its just nice to have our own stuff again. Like a couch. And floors in our house.  And especially, a coffee maker.

Hope you guys are having a good week so far!
xo Hannah


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Here are a few of my favorite articles and finds from around the web this week.
Loved how Jessi of Haircut & General Attitude styled one of our neon fringe necklaces from the shop!  Make sure you head on over to her blog to enter our giveaway to win your own tassel necklace here!  (And if you're already a follower of my blog, you've already done the main entry step to be eligible to win!)

I have never tried a subscription box of any sort before, but I am excited to have just ordered my first box from a company called Try The World.  Basically, its a gourmet food box curated by chefs from different countries around the world.  You get a different country's box every other month, and it contains 6-7 specialty goodies to try as well as recipes and even a music playlist to go along with each country.  I love to travel and I love food, so I am pretty excited about giving this a try!  You can get $15 off your first box if you'd like to give it a try here (and I get $15 for referring friends too)!

I loved this tour of Toshiko Shek's home over on A Beautiful Mess today, especially the kitchen and this dreamy little porch!

A colorado pet store adopted a 25 pound cat, Andre the Giant, and its pretty much the best thing ever.

I just ordered this book and I am so excited to start cooking from it! Even if you're not a vegetarian, it has amazing looking healthy recipes and the illustrations inside are worth it alone!

And speaking of beautiful books, have you guys seen the amazing poetry book blogger pal Marlen released called Ugly People Beautiful Hearts?  I have a copy on my phone and tablet and love reading a few of her poems before bed or with my cup of coffee in the morning!

Lately I've been all about the fruit and botanical prints on clothing.  This swimsuit from Etsy seller Yeah Bunny is so cute!

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!
xo Hannah


Primary Stripes

Hi friends,
    Just a few photos we snapped yesterday outside of the little garden art studio we are renting for the week.  Wishing it were a bit sunnier so we could enjoy a glass of wine in these cute little chairs after work!
Outfit Details
Dress - Vintage - for sale in the shop here!
Cardigan - c/o Oasap
Sandals - Swell (similar)

    This cute 90s striped dress is so comfy, I think I could live in this babydoll style every day and be happy.  It's now in the shop, and there will be new vintage listed every day this week!
     I also wanted to mention that I am holding a giveaway for one of my neon tassel necklaces from the shop over on my friend Jessi's blog Haircut & General Attitude this week.  Come see how she styled her necklace (so cute!) and enter to win your own here!  If you already follow my blog, you already completed the main step to enter to win, hooray!
xo Hannah


Sweater Weather

The good news was that Sunday was the first day off my ten day green smoothie cleanse, so I was allowed to eat real solid food! The bad news was that I woke up to snow in the middle of May & the veggie garden I planted last weekend probbbbably did not survive.
Outfit Details
Sweater - Target
Shoes - Minnetonka
Hat - (Similar)
Jeans - Marshalls
Earrings - Borcik (Etsy)

This week is going to be a crazy one, as we are being kicked out of our house so they can re-do all of the hardwood floors (remember when our house flooded from a burst pipe two months back)?  Ugh. We are renting a little artist studio apartment in Boulder for the week, so it should actually be kind of fun but its a huge pain to drag all of our work stuff (not to mention, cat) around with us.  Seriously so excited to finally not be living in a construction zone though!
Hope you guys have a good start to your week!
xo Hannah


Spring Layers

Hi friends! With the constant rain we've been having this week and R being out of town for work, its been difficult to get outfit pictures taken, but there was finally a short break in the weather yesterday! Whenever I have to take my own blog photos in a public setting, I always pretend to be taking pictures of the scenery whenever a car passes haha. Move along now, nothing to see here!
Outfit Details: 
Sweatshirt - similar here
Jacket - L.L. Bean
Plaid Shirt - similar here
Skirt - Vintage
Necklace - handmade (similar in the shop!)
Shoes - Similar here

Hoping it clears up today more because I have tons of pretty new vintage to shoot for the shop today! In other news, I bought this book the other week and have been doing the 10 day green smoothie cleanse this week.  I just kept on piling awful crap into my mouth and felt I needed a kickstart to a more healthy, positive change.  I am now on day 8 of the cleanse, and while I don't know my actual results yet in terms of weight loss or anything, I've really liked it so far.  (Okay, well I've hated the whole not eating delicious burritos and solid foods part, but I think its a good cleanse and has very easy, doable guidelines and recipes to follow for the ten days.)  I bought the digital version of the book but wish I had bought the paperback because I always have to bring my tablet into the kitchen and scroll through the recipes in the morning with it, whereas it would be easier to just have a book to leave out down there.  Anyway, I'd be happy to talk about it more in a future post if anyone is interested, or feel free to leave a comment with any questions!  Three more days and I can have COFFEE again wahooo!
xoxo Hannah


New Vintage in the Shop!

Just stopping in to share some of my favorite vintage that has been added to the shop over the last few weeks!  Just click the photo to be taken to the listing!

I hope you guys are having an awesome week! I will hopefully be back soon with a new outfit post too!
xo Hannah