Color Roundup: MELLOW YELLOW

Happy Friday! Here is the second edition of my blog series Color Roundup!  Definitely not as many pictures for this roundup as the red edition, even though yellow is one of my favorites. Check out those first two pictures, taken when this blog was just a teeny baby blog!

I am going to keep this one short because theres lots to be done! Do you guys have any fun plans for the weekend?  Saturdays are my main buying days for the shop so I will be "working", but I hope to have a relaxing Sunday and hopefully catch another movie in that awesome new theatre or something!
Have a wonderful weekend!
xo Hannah 


  1. You look so great in yellow and I forgot how long and blonde your hair was! What a fun way to look back. I'm so excited for your new adventure, Hannah! You've worked hard and definitely deserve it! I promise I will send your dress back next week, I've been having fun wearing it :)

  2. You wear yellow oh so well, it's definitely a great shade for you!!
    I am loving all these looks, that first one has me longing for warm summer days!

  3. My weekend will be spent at work, as usual :( Anyway, you pull off any shade of yellow so flawlessly, girl! :) x

  4. ah man i love love love this one as well Hannah!! those pants look amazing on you! i hadn't seen them before. what happened to them? and i know i say this every time but i'm always amazed how gorgeous you look in yellow! fun seeing so many completely diff looks!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

    1. I actually think I donated the pants! I loved the color but hardly ever wore them because the slightly frumpy top trouser part did nothing for my thighs haha!
      Thanks Dus!

  5. I love that short dress with the ruffle in the front! This is such a fun series :)

  6. Hi! I found your blog by chance, while peeking others and I decided to check it out! I’m glad I did it, because I am really delighted with yours. I think we're going to get along just fine! ;) I'd like to invite you to meet my space as well and I hope you'll have as much fun as I am having in yours!
    I wish you lots of success
    I'll surely follow you. I'll be glad if you follow me too )
    Kisses from Russia!

  7. Yellow is definitely a color i associate with you and not just because of your blog design. You look so fun in yellow- all cheerful and like a ray of sunshine.

  8. Omg, I am in love with long blonde haired Hannah! Your hair totally changes your look, love it.

  9. I'm pretty sure that yellow is your color--I love it on you! It's such a bright and cheery color, just like your lovely little self. :D

  10. you really look pretty with all those yellow outfits :)