Friday's Favorites Finds {Vol. 1}

Hello & Happy Friday!
    Tomorrow is my big moving day so I am a bit behind on taking photos.  I did however want to share with you guys a few snaps of my new apartment along with some of my favorite finds from this week!
Here it is- my new apartment! I fell in love with the dark hardwood floors and the quirky charm, but its really the location that cannot be beat! It is not the hugest space ever but I am going to get creative and make it work as both my bedroom (in the back) and my living room vintage studio!
A few weeks ago I offered a shop credit over on Elana's blog Room 334 for a big anniversary giveaway she was doing. To my delight, the adorable Priya of Perfectly Priya was the giveaway winner, and I LOVE how she styled her Braided Bandit 1960s Floral Dress!
I just came across this amazing jewelry designer from Melbourne named Emily Green who uses some of the prettiest color palettes that I have ever seen! I just favorite a million of her clay beaded necklaces on etsy, and she is a featured seller on Fab.com today too.  I think this one has to be my current favorite!
I found this adorable article on refinery 29 this morning featuring 5 inspiring London gals and their kitty accomplices.  My favorite part had to be the interview with model and blogger Ruth Crilly and her cat Mr. Bear, which went something like this:
What’s on the new-season wish list for you and Mr Bear?
"We both want a new country house with a big garden. It's a work in progress. To be frank, Mr Bear is crap at saving and I'm addicted to Net-A-Porter so things are moving quite slowly."
What is next for you (and Mr Bear)?
"More of the same! As I write this I'm off to an exciting shoot and Mr Bear is snoozing on his back with all four paws in the air. It just sums up life, really, we're both having a great time!"
And speaking of cute kitties, the best thing ever happened to me yesterday!  So, my new apartment is right next to my office, and I have been unloading boxes during my lunch break every day.  Yesterday, I went to unlock the new apartment and propped open the door.  I then ran to my car to grab a box, and in the maybe 30 seconds I was gone, this found its way inside my place and made itself right at home!  He was so happy being inside out of the 100 degree mid day heat, I couldn't get him to leave! I had to waggle a string of my necklace all around and out the door to finally get him to follow me out!  He then sat there staring at the door with my necklace hanging out of his mouth, very proud of his catch but upset he was tricked. I am thrilled to have made a new friend in the neighborhood so quickly ;)

Have a great weekend!
xo Hannah


Land Mermaid

One of my best friends saw a picture of this outfit on facebook and said I looked like a land mermaid.  Land mermaid? Now that's something I can totally get behind! I shared some photos over on the Flock Together Blog yesterday, but thought I would share a few more here in case you missed it!
Outfit Details: Dress - August Wrinkle, borrowed from Elana // Flower Crown- DIY // Boots- Vintage

   I am keeping this short and sweet today because I am in the middle of moving into my new place, trying to find a sublet for my old place, and trying to be a functioning human being at work.  I am super excited about everything, but I could definitely use some down time to say the least!
Have a great day!
xo Hannah


Flocking in Emerald

Hello! Just wanted to let you all know I am posting over on the Flock Together Blog today!  I would love it if you stopped by to say hello and see how everyone remixes this pretty emerald dress!
xo Hannah


Cats on Cats on Cats

Okay, so its really just cats on cats, but I thought the third iteration would help emphasize the extent to which I am actually a crazy cat lady.
Outfit Details:  Cat Print Dress - borrowed from Erica // Bow Flats - Vintage // Ring - gift from Marisa // Beaded Peter Pan Collar - gift from R's sister // Kitty Tank - TeeTwice on Etsy

When I first received this amazing kitty print dress that I am borrowing from the lovely Erica of Sweets and Hearts in the mail, I got the idea of layering it with my favorite cat tank.  I was a bit hesitant about the level of insanity that this would bring to the outfit, but thought maybe since they were both black and white it would be okay.  And let's be honest, if I wasn't willing to take a bit of a risk with my outfits, I probably would not have any fun writing a blog about what I wear!  Then last week Marlen, the master of layering, wrote an article on her blog called "Layered Like an Onion" and I was instantly inspired to go for the layered look I had imagined!  
     I grew up always having at least one cat in the house, but we did foster care for animal shelter cats too so usually we had many more than that!  I had to get this tank I spotted on Etsy a few months back because it looks exactly like my old Himalayan kitty Fluffer!  Fluffy was such a love-bug but always had the GRUMPIEST look on his face, complete with not an overbite, but an underbite where his two little bottom teeth stuck out further.  Gah, he was such a cutie!
     You can see how Erica styled her amazing kitty dress on her blog here!  And for more swaps and remixes, make sure to stop by our collective style blog Flock Together!  Have a great start to your week - I will be busy working and moving!
xo Hannah


Baby Carrot

     I was going to title this post "Creamsicle" based on the nice creamy color of the dress and the summery-sweet ring to it. That is, until R dubbed me "Baby Carrot".  Orange dress, orange shoes, orange hair...I guess I could see what he was getting at.  He even proceeded to place my green grocery bag on my head (for the carrot stem of course) and giggle while I sat glaring at him from across the couch.  People, this is love.
     Outfit Details: Dress - Allyhoot Vintage // Shoes - Keds // Sunnies - BCBG Generation

     Anyway, whoever was kind enough to send good luck and nice thoughts my way on Monday, THANK YOU, because it worked! Let me explain.  I like the house that I live in, get along with my roommates, and love my bedroom, but a few weeks ago decided that by the end of the summer, I would like to try to make my vintage shop a full time business!  (Eee!) Then, while randomly searching Craigslist for vintage two weeks ago, I came across my dream apartment, in my dream location, in my actual price range, and left work immediately to go outside and call the listing number.  As the post had already been up for a few days, I sadly got a call back that night saying that they had already shown it to about twenty people and that somebody was already signing a lease.  I was heartbroken even though I had only seen pictures online, but saved the lady's number in my phone anyway.  Fast forward over a week later to last Friday, when the lady's number rang on my phone when I was leaving work to ask me if I had found a place yet.  Have I mentioned that the apartment is located literally two blocks from my office, directly behind my favorite coffee shop, and on the ground floor of a beautiful old Victorian house?  I literally sprinted over to see it, fell in love even more, then proceeded to drive myself crazy all weekend waiting to hear whether or not the other girl who was going to sign actually fell through or not.  I got a call Monday evening asking if I wanted to sign a lease on Tuesday, signed it last night, and now the dream apartment is mine!  The moral of the story, I guess, would have to be that if you really want something, keep on hoping for it even if you don't think its possible!
     Sorry for the novel.  As for the dress, it was a recent purchase from Marisa's amazing etsy shop Allyhoot Vintage!  I fell in love with collar on this one, and picked up an amazing green dress too which I am sure you'll be seeing on here soon!  Marisa told me that both dresses belonged to a school teacher in the 50s and 60s, and I loved that she knew a bit of history about the pieces! Thank you Marisa for curating such a lovely shop, and I highly recommend you all heading over to check out her finds as well!
   Hope you are all having a wonderful week! I am on day 10 out of 12 for work, almost there!
xo Hannah


A Summer Uniform

    As a style blogger who likes to express herself through what she wears, I am not a huge fan of wearing any sort of "uniform".  The word itself means "the same throughout", and where is the fun and creativity in that?!  That said, if I were made to wear one thing, and one thing only, for the entire summer, I definitely would not hesitate to choose to wear a comfortable white sundress with a colorful pair of shoes, and this outfit totally fits the bill.  So here you have it: the summer uniform!
 Outfit Details: Shoes - Inkkas, Handmade in South America // Dress & Jacket - thrifted // 
Map Purse- Vintage, thrifted //  Necklace - gift from Salvaged Strawberry

   I finally got the pair of Inkkas shoes I have been lusting over for months, and you can bet they will be a regular part of my summer ensembles.  With the bright mango color and the intricate tribal print, I pretty much cannot be in a bad mood while wearing them, which I think these pictures are proof of!  If you remember when I first posted about the company here, they are both environmentally and socially conscious, so I tried to keep the rest of my outfit "green" as well with a thrifted dress, jacket and purse.  I chose the vintage map purse as a nod to the shoes being handmade in Peru and the spirit of travel and adventure.  The necklace was a gift from the lovely Amanda over at Salvaged Strawberry!
     Anyway, there are some big and exciting things looming on the horizon for me, and I cannot wait to share more with you guys soon.  Let's just say if you have any extra luck floating around, I would appreciate if you would send it in my direction! Have a wonderful start to your week!
xo Hannah



Happy Friday!
   Working a bunch of days in a row always puts things in perspective for me.  Usually, by the end of five days, I feel like I NEED a weekend off and can't work a second past 5pm on Friday since that's the level of effort my mind and body are accustomed to putting in.  When I am working 12 days in a row though, a Friday just feels like any other day, and I think my mindset automatically adjusts to the longer time frame, if that makes sense.  Though I am tired, I don't feel that absolute NEED for a day off, I just feel more like "Keep on trucking Hannah, you're almost halfway through!"  It's actually quite interesting what you can adjust to!
      Anyway, things have been busy busy busy around here, so I am sharing a few more pictures from my trip home to New Jersey last month (which is why my hair is still blonde in the pictures!)  These are a few more snaps from Cape May, taken when we went out to celebrate my brother's graduation.  Have you ever actually sat at a bar with your whole family in a row (mom, dad, and brother) drinking Martinis?  It's quite a funny sight, and I wish I had some photographic evidence of that part!
   I am thinking after working this overtime I may finally buy the new lens for my camera that I have been wanting forever.  I actually would love to hear what you shoot your outfit pictures with! My camera body is a Nikon D5100 and right now I only use the kit lens it came with, but I really want a 50mm 1.8 lens and would love to hear your input! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
xo Hannah


Hot Pink

Hi guys!  Thanks for all of your kind words about my new red hair from last post.  It's always so nice to be part of such a supportive community of bloggers, that's for sure!
Outfit Details: Dress- c/o August Wrinkle // Necklace - c/o Oasap // Handwoven Mexican Bracelet - Mitla Moda // Heels - thrifted

     In this outfit I went a bit outside of my comfort zone with a hot pink dress from August Wrinkle.  I loved the floaty chiffon layers and uneven hem but it was a bit more neon than I usually go for.  I am glad I tried it out though because I felt more like a rockstar in it than my normal grandma gear, and even R gave it a thumbs up ;)  I wore it with my favorite bracelet to pair with bright colored summer outfits from Dusana's non profit shop Mitla Moda!  Her shop is filled with these woven bracelets handmade in Mexico and there are a ton of beautiful color options to choose from!
     This may be one of my new photo locations for the blog.  It is right by R's apartment and there is a ton of open space with beautiful mountain views in the background.  I may have to share the spot with the hundreds of Prairie Dogs frolicking around the field though.
     Well, this is day three of twelve days of work in a row.  You guys can help me count the days down so I remain sane!  Hope you're having a great week!
xo Hannah