Instagram Hawaii Guide

Thought I'd share some of my favorite phone snaps from Hawaii and make it into a little travel guide of some favorite things we did on Kauai and the big island!  You can find me on instagram here!
Happy hour on the big island at Lava Lava Beach Club.  You guys, there's COUCHES on the beach and delicious tapas and drinks.  
A breakfast favorite in Hanalei, Kauai was grabbing an Acai bowl from Aloha Juice Bar.
 A parade of kittens found on a morning walk through the Sheraton grounds on the big island. Mew!
 Last full day, spent *mostly* with rain and clouds at Tunnels beach on the North Shore of Kauai.  Make sure to get a fresh coconut from the fruit stands (even better if you fill it with a Mai Tai after its empty!)  Also great place to watch the surfers.
 Hanalei Bay, my favorite beach, always covered in beautiful layers of mist!
 Beautiful Hibiscus in a rainbow of colors all over the islands!
Showing off the local fruits with my brother's girlfriend and my Aunt Kathy who lives on the big island!
Found a mermaid in my glasses! ;)
My mom and I unintentionally matching at dinner at Dukes in Lihue, Kauai - one of our favorites!  They have an unlimited salad bar and the fish is amazing. My beautiful dress was a Christmas gift from Jessica!
Obligatory palm pic.
 A coastal hike we did starting at Shipwreck Beach in Poipu and ending in another beautiful strip of beach.  Make sure to hike with your swimsuit so you can swim at the end!  Found this velour pink chair along the way!
The house we rented in Hanalei had a bed on the porch!  It was easy walking distance to the town and beach, would definitely recommend it!
Postcards Cafe, a darling local restaurant in Hanalei great for a special occasion.  If you're like me and enjoy perusing menus online, you can check it out here
Hey its R and I!
 Patriotic island attire.  Full outfit post coming soon!
Beach time in a favorite cactus coverup from Oasap (similar still in stock here!)

When can I go back?! Happy Friday!
xo Hannah


Misty Pacific

    I am finally back to the daily grind in Colorado after an overnight flight from Kauai and a weird day of sleepy limbo here yesterday.  Leaving Hawaii is always really awful, but the semblance of normalcy of sitting here writing a blog post with a cup of coffee before heading up to my office to start shop work actually feels kind of nice.  These past few months have been such a whirlwind of travel, work, and various holidays, but sometimes its nice to just thrive on the comfort of a daily routine.
Outfit Details
Dress - c/o Oasap
Necklace - Vintage

These photos were snapped when R and I brought a few beers down to Hanalei bay to catch the sunset before dinner.  Hanalei is one of my favorite beaches in the world, and is almost always covered in a fine layer of mist.  The beautiful scenery and simple way of dressing there definitely renewed my passion for blogging for the time being.  I've got a few more tropical posts lined up until its back to winter dressing (ugh).  I am going to try to catch up on all of your blogs too, can't wait to see what everyone has been up to!
xo Hannah


In a Land Called Hanalei

Hi Strangers.  It's been awhile, and I've honestly just been soaking up the sun and sand without wanting to even open my laptop or camera!  I am currently staying in the little town of Hanalei on the island of Kauai, one of my favorite places ever.  We rented a little cottage on the creek in easy walking distance to the beach, town, and some awesome food trucks.  I would camp out here for a few months and avoid the Colorado winter altogether if it was at all possible!
 The view from the from of our rental.
 R, my handsome photographer who doesn't like pictures.
 Our dolphin cottage.
Outfit Details:
Dress - thrifted (gifted to my mom for Christmas, and re-borrowed back!)
Purse - Vintage
Sunglasses - Rome street vendor.

These were taken on the way out to dinner last night in our streamside backyard at twilight.  I have been feeling really uninspired by outfits, as it usually involves lots of sun tan lotion, very little makeup, and maybe a sweaty beac cover up.  I am going to try to document a few more before I leave though, as I know I will regret not taking advantage of the warm weather, later sunsets, and beautiful scenery when I'm back in Colorado!
Anyway, I have honestly been missing you guys and the inspiration of the blogging community, so I am excited to get back into swing of things next week after I'm home.  But for now, I'm off to finish this Mai Tai ;)
xo Hannah


Venice (Italy Travel Journal Pt7)

Since I am about to leave for my next adventure this weekend, I thought I best FINALLY wrap up my previous travel photos from Italy.  And I've got to say,  Venice may have been my favorite place of all (though I think it may be a tie with Positano).  Let's just say I'm a pretty big sucker for water and pretty colorful buildings, which both places share, though they are very different!

Dressed like a hobo trying to stay warm and dry.
Evening gondola service. 
Nighttime market 
Striped and ready to row! 
The view from the bedroom window of our apartment! 
Apartment view 2. 
A gull friend on the rialto bridge. 
Meeting up with my friend Diane, whom I studied abroad with in Mexico in 2007! 
One of my favorite shots from the whole time.  Pops of color on a dreary day. 
Twinkling lights invite you in from the rain. 
 The Rialto Bridge 
Pretty Chairs 
Rainy day boats. 
Mom and Dad! 
Pink Street Lights
Mom and dad, dancing in the rain to an orchestra!

I know that was a LOT more photos than I usually post and my apologies if that killed your computer speed, but I just could not narrow it down!  Venice was two days of exploring in the rain with my camera, with intermissions for pizza and wine.  Does it get any better?!  Hope you enjoyed the last of my Italy photos!
xo Hannah