Scarlet Letter

Not to get too ahead of myself, as I usually like to do a "What I am thankful for" post on Thanksgiving... but there is just so much to be thankful and excited for this week that I don't think I can hold off!
Outfit Details: Letter Pullover - c/o Persunmall // Pants - c/o American Apparel /
 Shoes - vintage, thrifted / Blouse - Converse, thrifted / Owl Ring - gift from Marisa

Yesterday I got my 300th sale on Etsy, which I had set as a goal to reach before my family arrives for the holiday this week.  I made it just in time, because they arrive tonight! Then, on Wednesday we road trip up to a house we rented in Breckenridge, Thursday is Thanksgiving, Friday is my ugly sweater birthday party and Monday is my actual birthday. Whew! So much goodness!

Anyway, quickly about the outfit... I have really been wanting some sort of letter sweater for awhile now so I jumped at the chance when I saw this one online at Persunmall!  I love the sportiness it brings to the outfit and I want to try layering it over a girly dress next time for some contrast.  It's super comfy too so I can already tell it will get a lot of wear while I'm working from home in leggings and fuzzy socks most days!
Have a great start to your week!
xo Hannah


  1. Congratulations on 300! Go Hannah =P And I like that you got an approximation of a letter jacket around the same time.

    Big owl and little owl are cute.

  2. This is such an adorable sweater!! I love the letter on it, perfect with these pants too! That sounds like a very exciting week ahead of you, sounds like a wonderful time :) Enjoy!!

  3. Oh, so much to be thankful for! Congrats!

  4. Can't wait to see you on Thursday and we are SO looking forward to the ugly sweater party- I have a couple I'm bringing along in case we want to do a costume change :)

  5. I read that as "ugly sister's birthday party" and was like WELL! That's not nice! ahahaha but it says sweater. Silly me.

    Sounds like you're gonna have a busy week, lady! I HOPE IT'S SUPER FUN! And have a great Thanksgiving. :) I'm loving those pants on you.

  6. Congrats on your Etsy accomplishment! Love the color of those jeans btw <3 Alex


  7. Congrats! This is all amazing and I really love this outfit. It's so casual and modern and different from what you usually wear!

  8. This outfit looks like fun. I love the color of your pants and the shoes are super cute. Congrats on making the sale too!

  9. Haha I love the title of this. It reminds me of Easy A! Which is hilarious! I love your oxfords too, btw. Now following! Thanks for having an awesome blog!

  10. Love this outfit, that berry color is perfect on you!

    <3 Megan