Chickadee in the Snow

Hello & Happy Friday!
     This week thankfully flew right by for me.  I blinked and here I am, sipping my Friday latte.  I am excited to finally go thrifting for the shop tomorrow because I haven't been in ages, and R is going to come along to look for records too.  With coffee, exploring, a bit of apartment hunting (for R), and lunch thrown in, its sure to be a good day.
Outfit Details: Blouse- borrowed from Dus // Jumper- vintage (altered) // Tights- Target // Booties- MIA via DSW // Purse- vintage (my moms from the 70s) // Floral Crown - DIY

These were taken last weekend when the snow was still deciding to grace us with its unwelcome presence here in Colorado.  This weekend however, it will be in the mid 60s, wahoo!  I borrowed this gorgeous embroidered blouse from Dusana from our swap blog Flock Together, which is the perfect thing for spring! It was made by indigenous communities in Mexico, and she sells this Chickadee blouse in an array of pretty embroidered colors in her Fair Trade shop Mitla Moda!
                1                           2                                 3                              4                              5
You can see all of the amazing ways Dus has style her Chickadee top my clicking on the number below each photo above! I think my personal favorite has to be the adorable pairing with the plaid skirt and booties in version 2!  Make sure to stop by the Flock Together Blog for more awesome remixes, and you can follow along on Facebook and Twitter too!
    Have a beautiful weekend, and if you celebrate Easter, I hope you have a day filled with family and delicious sweet treats!
xo Hannah
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DIY: Spring Painted Pots

A few months ago I realized my plant-babies were outgrowing their homes, but didn't want to pay big bucks for some fancy new planters.  I headed to Jo Ann Fabrics and grabbed three plain terra cotta pots that were a bit bigger than the previous ones to try my hand at painting them myself!  This is so easy that it basically doesn't even need directions, but I took a few pictures of my process along the way so you can see what I did!

Ta Da! As you can see I chose a few prints I thought I could freehand: stripes, polka dots, and chevron.  They are surely not the most perfect thing ever, but hopefully my plants will revive a bit now that they have more room to grow! I would also like to say that there is probably better paint and sealer to use specifically for pottery of this sort, so I might to a bit more research into long term durability if I ever repeat this project!
    Even though its still cold in Colorado, I got the Spring cleaning bug last weekend and am excited to fix up some more things around my room! I realized I have never really shared pictures of my little bedroom/ studio on here so I am going to share a little peek soon if thats something you guys would be interested in?
Hope you're having a great week!
xo Hannah


Snowy Neons

Well, I was sick and tired of waiting  for this so-called "Spring" weather to roll on through Colorado, so I decided to dress for Spring anyway even though its still snowing! I threw off my layers for the sake of a few pictures to prance around in my bright outfit this weekend.  The result of the saturated neons against the bright white background is a bit jarring...you may you want to put on your favorite sunnies before you proceed!

Outfit Details: Dress- F21 // Necklace- c/o Oasap // Tights- c/o Oasap // Boots- Marshalls (old) //
Woven Bracelet- Dusana's shop Mitla Moda

     I decided to add a few bright accessories to my striped dress, including this gorgeous woven bracelet Dusana sent over from her awesome non-profit shop Mitla Moda!  All the items from her shop were handmade by indigenous communities in Oaxaca and Chiapas Mexico and she also gives back 100% of the profits from the items she sells back to these communities!  Dus is seriously one kind hearted gal, and her shop is filled with the prettiest woven accessories and blouses.  I highly recommend stopping buy her shop to take a peak if you are in need of a gift for another (or yourself), especially if you are looking for something that also gives back.  I will be back later in the week to show off one of the beautiful embroidered blouses I borrowed from Dus too!
    Anyway, I hope you all had an amazing weekend!  Though Colorado is still blanketed in snow, I was able to get in a refreshing weekend and am ready to take on a new week!
xo Hannah
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Anyone who has been following my blog for this past year or so probably knows how much I love to travel.  I am usually at my happiest when I am planning my next trip.  Even better are the adventures that are highly unplanned, which is why I have been absent around here for the past week!  While I was not in some tropical locale, I did decide at the last minute to fly home to New Jersey to surprise my friend for her birthday!  So, my apologies for the unexpected blogging hiatus!
   1- Near Lyons, Colorado // 2- South Point,The Big Island, Hawaii // 3- Cozumel, Mexico // 4- Near Lyons, Colorado // 5- The Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado // 6- Turtle Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

     Since the weather was terrible while I was home, I was not able to take any outfit pictures while I was there.  It was such a bummer because there are some amazing locations I really wanted to take pictures at, but I think it worked out for the best taking a little break from everything.  I thought I would share with you some pictures from previous adventures and travels from the past year or so, and I will be back to normal posting and outfits next week.  Do you guys have any fun adventures planned in the near future? I would love to hear about them!
xo Hannah


Friday Stripes

Simplicity in dressing is just not usually my strong point.  Stripes on plaid on more stripes and why don't we throw in some polka dots and bright red shoes while we're at it.  The other day, I just wore black jeans and a chambray blouse and R told me he liked my outfit and was not joking.  Hint hint. It's just so hard to resist all this print mixing when we are still having to pile on the layers here!
Outfit Details: Dress & Coat- Vinatge // Shoes - American Apparel // Gloves- Gap

    Anyway,  its the end of the week and at this point I am out of words and wit.  I hope you guys have a great weekend, any funs plans?
xo Hannah


Charcoal Alley

Happy Hump Day. Is it me or is this week crawling along slow as molasses!?  I think it is due to the fact that I finally joined a gym again and getting back into working out is always quite tortuous for me!  If I go before work, I feel extra tired at work all day and the day stretches on and on.  If I go after work, it cuts into my precious "down time".  How do you guys typically fit exercising into you busy schedules?!
Outfit Details: Dress & Blouse- Vintage // Boots: Marshalls (old) // Hat: Target

     Enough whining from me.  All winter I have been loving any sort of jumper style dress that I can layer a blouse beneath.  I decided to give this charcoal grey maxi jumper a go before I took up the hem and put it in the shop!  The look is a bit out of the ordinary for me, but it was really comfy and appropriate to wear to work.  I can't wait to style the shortened version after I hem it too, it would be fun to see both looks side by side!
     I decided to fore go my usual preference of nature backdrops to a more appropriate one for this sort of 90s grunge look.  There are a bunch of cool little alleyways between buildings here in downtown boulder and I love all the brick and signs for old storefronts! And you all know how I like to match my outfits to my surroundings!
   Anyway, hope your work week (or school week) is flying by a bit faster than mine!
xo Hannah


Snowy Southwestern Stripes

Mondays are always way more doable when you have actually had a whole weekend off to relax.  This is what I wore on Saturday when we got even more snow, though less than predicted which is alright with me! I was able to catch up with friends, see an awesome band in Denver, and spend time with R. Did you guys have a good weekend - I hope so!
Outfit Details: Blazer - Vintage, for sale in shop here! // Pants - c/o American Apparel // 
Boots & Tee - Target // Hat - Volcom, gift // Necklace - Fab.com, gift // Gloves - Gap, gift

     I feel like a lot of wintery snow pictures I put on the blog are not very winter appropriate, so I thought I would share a more everyday winter outfit, complete with snow boots, gloves, and a hat! I am loving this southwestern blazer thats in the shop right now - the colors are so warm and easy to mix with!  I realize I have three different versions of stripes going on here, but I think somehow it worked in funky print-mixing way!  The pretty arrow necklace was a valentines gift from R, the hat was a Christmas gift from my brother last year, and the gloves a gift from my mom - man, do I have some great gift givers in my life!
     These photos don't do the sky justice.   Oftentimes after snow here, the sky turns into a cotton candy palette of pastels right before sunset.  I m trying to appreciate little things like this about winter instead of being sad that spring has not yet arrived.
    Have a great start to your week!
xo Hannah