Sunset Bougainvillea

 Hello and Happy Friday!
I am running off to catch an inter-island flight in about an hour, but just wanted to post a little update! These pictures were taken from the second day of our trip when we headed over to a happy hour at a nearby hotel. This beautiful bougainvillea bush is outside our apartment here and it is astonishing to me that all of these colors occur naturally right next to each other on the same plant!

Outfit Details: 
Dress- Lauren Conrad/ thrifted 
Sunnies: BCBG Generation
Hat: Target
Necklace: c/o Oasap

    The second to last picture is of my brother Noah, maybe his first ever blog appearance! With my pink dress and his colorful bathing suit and t shirt, we just needed to stand next to the christmas tree at happy hour.  We got some sort of gingersnap cocktail and Mojitos along with some yummy fish tacos, making it a delicious first night out! Today we are off to the next island, Kauai, and R will be joining my family there tomorrow! Wahoo! I can't wait to see what the house we rented looks like, and especially can't wait to see R! Hope you guys are all doing well!
xo Hannah


Christmas in Kona

Merry Christmas!
It has been quite a whirlwind of traveling and settling in here in Kona and feels like I have not blogged in awhile!  I just wanted to stop in and say hi and wish everyone the happiest of holidays!  If you celebrate Christmas, I hope it was spent with your family kept close, good friends on hand, and of course good spirits and food to go around!

Outfit Details: Dress- Vintage // Floral Crown - DIY // Shoes- Nine West via Marshalls

     My family opened presents last night on Christmas Eve and it was perfect.  Though bringing the presents along with us this time to open in Kona made packing and planning a bit more difficult, it turned out perfectly! It was just my parents, brother, and I in our apartment here and as usual it was filled with lots of presents and laughs! I am pretty sure we all made out like bandits! Then today for Christmas day my two aunts (both my mom's sister and dad's sister live here on the Big Island) came for brunch and another little gift exchange.   After that, we drove into the mountains into the forest for a little Christmas day hike, followed by a delicious Christmas dinner at the Kona Inn.
      As for my Christmas Eve outfit here, I wore a vintage dress that I altered before I came by removing the poofy 80s sleeves and shortening the hem.  To make it a little bit more island style, I added one of my new DIY floral crowns and once again felt like Lady Christmas herself!
Here is what it looked like before the alterations I made:
      I am still slightly jet lagged so I have been going to bed pretty early and pretty much waking up before the sun is up!  It is 9pm right now and I am ready to call it a night! Tomorrow we head to higher elevation to the organic fruit and veggie farm my aunt lives and works on.  I can't wait to eat the fresh avocados and macadamia nuts and meet the pigmy goats that live there! I will make sure to take pictures and share them! Hope everyone had a beautiful day! Oh and what was your favorite gift that you guys got?!
xo Hannah


Hawaii Roundup

 I thought it would be fun to do a little roundup of my Hawaii trip last year in preparation for leaving tomorrow! Looking back at these, its kind of fun to see how my style has changed over the last year, and what has stayed the same.  These were all taken on the big island, which is where my parent's/ aunt's apartment is in Kona, but this year we will be going to Kauai (my favorite) and the north shore of Oahu as well! I am pretty excited and can't wait to be sharing my adventure with you guys along the way!
    I am pretty much all packed already except for last minute things I'll need to throw in tomorrow morning.  R got me an amazing new suitcase (its this one!) for early Christmas which actually made me excited to pack!  Last night I decided to craft up a storm and make 5 bajillion (okay, five) flower crowns to bring along with me.  You can see them on my instagram @braidedbandit, and I am sure they are going to be making multiple appearances on here over the next few weeks!
Sending lots of holiday cheer and love to all of you guys!
xo Hannah


All Bundled Up!

There are only two teensy tinesy days of work left until vacation starts, and that my friends, I can totally  handle!!! Today I am joining the lovely Ladies of the Mountains as a guest blogger for their second December post called "All Bundled Up"!  Due to poor post planning on my part, the fact that its both snowy and windy here in Colorado right now, and the fact that I wanted to show off my sad little "Christmas tree", I took these pictures in my room right before I headed off to work this morning!  As much as I love using the beautiful Rocky Mountains as a backdrop in a lot of my pictures on here, sometimes, especially in the winter, it is hard to find the time and daylight to take pictures! So here I present to you, an all bundled up outfit right BEFORE I headed out into the snowy outdoors!
Outfit Details:
Dress: Vintage- for sale in shop here!
Sweater: Vintage - for sale in shop here!
Booties: Blowfish (won in a giveaway!)
Floral Crown: DIY

As anyone who has followed my blog for more than a week could probably tell... I am a major fan of dresses.  When the cold weather comes around, I continue my dress love affair while just piling more and more layers on top! My go to winter outfit is a dress, a pair of fleece lined tights, boots or booties, and a cozy sweater on top.  (Note: If you don't have a pair of fleece lined tights, go do yourself a huge favor and buy yourself a pair this instant.  They look like normal tights but are super soft and cozy on the inside, it feels like you're wearing pajamas and they're warmed than normal tights!) I think I actually have worn some combination of this in the past three posts, so perhaps I need to mix things up a bit! You can see how the other lovely Ladies of the Mountains bloggers stay warm yet still looking cute in their posts here:

What is your favorite way to dress for the cold weather?
xo Hannah


The Winter Farm

Hello hello.
    Colorado is currently blanketed in a beautiful layer of white which I would love to be playing in (followed by a nice Irish coffee).  I am however, stuck at work and will be doing neither, but that's alright, because only three more days of this until vacation starts!
     I wore this outfit to my office's holiday party last night, which was full of yummy Mediterranean tapas.  Marisa from Shades of Monet kindly let me borrow this dress and it has by far the sweetest little collar I have ever laid eyes on.  I actually ordered a similar dress right after receiving it because I love it so much!

Outfit Details: Dress: borrowed from Marisa! // Sweater: thrifted // 
Shoes: vintage/ thrifted // Tights: Target

Marisa of wore her lovely dress to a wedding and looked gorgeous! I am swooning over her styling with the beautiful vintage hat and polka dot tights! You can see the rest of her post here!
     I have had such a great time raiding the closets of the other girls from our swap group and cooperative blog, Flock Together! I actually just clicked over there to check out today's post and it happens to be Marisa wearing MY sweater while playing with her band, hooray! She is seriously the cutest! If you guys haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend it because you get to see so many different styles and remixes from gals all over the United States, and there is new content almost every day! Stay tuned for a fun Secret Santa post on Christmas Eve! You can also like Flock together on Facebook or follow along on twitter for updates!
Cheers & Warm Wishes!
xo Hannah