Parisian Stripes

It's so hard to get good photos shooting in the bright Colorado summer sun! Standing in the shade makes photos too dark and hazy and standing in the sun makes the light too harsh and contrasty. Definitely have a goal this summer to get to know my camera better on completely manual settings so I have more control!  Test subjects welcome :)
Outfit Details                                                               
Overalls & Purse - in the shop soon!
Scarf- Vintage
Sandals - BC Footwear via Swell
Striped Tee - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Zero UV

I wore this to Boulder this weekend to go and checkout the outdoor market where I will be selling two weekends from now!  The market was pretty small and low key, I wish it was advertised better because it has an awesome downtown location right along the creek, but it didn't seem like that many people knew about it!  That said, it will probably make for an easier transition into the market and in-person scene if its not swarming with people!  If you are in the Colorado area, mark your calendars for the afternoon of Sunday July 12th and come visit me at Boulder Market, I would love to see you there!
xo Hannah
p.s. All this outfit needs is a Baguette, #AmIRight? Too bad I'm in the middle of the Whole30 and can't have delicious, bready carbs! Missing my one true love, pizza, a whole lot right now!


Bohemian Cream

Hi guys and gals. How are you?  I'm sitting here enjoying a cup of black coffee while I edit shop listing photos and sunshine pours into my office.  I am also feeling upbeat because I am on day eight of ten in my green smoothie cleanse, so the end is in sight!  I left in coffee this time around on the cleanse because frankly, the ability for me to be happy and functioning is way more important to me than the ability to be "cleansed".

Outfit Details
Dress - for sale in the shop here!
Purse - Vintage
Belt - gift
Shoes - Minnetonka Moccasins
Hat - Eddie Bauer

My dear friend and college roomie Rachel gave me this dress along with a big pile of beautiful bohemian vintage finds for the shop when I was visiting home for Christmas, and now its finally warm enough to wear it!  As usual, tempted to horde it for myself but being nice and sharing it with others and its now in the shop here.   Rachel and I are planning some sort of roadtrip at the end of the summer or early fall and I can't wait!  We're thinking it will involve some sort of camper or pop up.  Do you have any exciting summer adventure planned?
xo Hannah


Fruits n Veggies

Hi guys! More than half way to the weekend! Just stopping in with an outfit I wore earlier this week. This is the cutest vintage blouse (which should be in the shop next week) covered in fruits and veggies, which I wore to mark my first day of yet another cleanse I am doing.  I am on day three of ten, and then I may try to transition into the whole 30 directly after that because guys, I can't button my pants anymore. Its no good.  Wish me luck (or better yet, send some motivation and commitment my way, and don't you dare say "pizza" or "burrito" in my presence!)
Outfit Details:
Shorts + Blouse - Vintage
Sandals - BC Footwear via Swell
Sunnies - from market vendor in Italy

How good is that print? May cry a little when it goes up in the shop.  In other news, I am getting excited for my first in-person selling event at a local outdoor market next month, but am pretty intimidated my how much planning really goes into it!  I've gotten some great advice from a few blogging friends who sell at craft fairs though, and if you have ever sold at one (or even just visited one and have seen something you liked or disliked), please share your tips with me!  
xo Hannah


Backyard Overalls

Hi guys! Just stopping in with a low key outfit from a few weeks ago, hanging out and grilling in our yard.  Our beautiful peony bush has since turned white and wilted into a mess.  I think it may have got inundated with rain and the flower heads were just too heavy to be held up!  Anyone whose garden savvy think it can come back again this season?
Outfit Details
Overalls & Boots- thrifted
Blouse - c/o American Apparel
Glasses - c/o Firmoo

This weekend was over in the blink of an eye, but I played a fun softball game last night and we also got to play mini golf and check out a new brewery on Saturday.  Also, for any Game of Thrones fans, I CAN'T EVEN with last night's episode.  Don't want to spoil it for anyone, but let's just say I was left pretty devastated! Hope you guys have a good start to your week!
xo Hannah


Makeover Monday (on a Tuesday)

It's makeover Monday... on a Tuesday! Whoops, guess I dropped the ball on that one.

I loved the lavender color and little floral print on this set, but it was a bit too "grandmother dressed for Sunday Mass" in its before state.  So, I cropped both the top and the skirt to make it more modern, and then added a yellow pom pom trim for a bit of fun!
Outfit Details
Skirt Set - for sale in the shop here!
Headband - gift
Heels - Marshalls

Anyway, this week is not my favorite so far, but I'm hoping it can just go up from here! Nothing a little dose of sunshine can't fix!
xo Hannah


Sunny Yellow

Just hangin' in the back yard in the 90 something degree weather yesterday! When I was editing these, I actually could see mosquitos zooming around me in the photos, yuck.  I love our yard this time of year, but those little suckers sure do put a damper on things.

Outfit Details:
Wedges - thrifted

Both the sunny yellow dress and the handmade crown are available in the shop right now! I wasn't expecting to like this dress so much until I put it on to shoot it - yellow is just such a happy color and it was super comfortable to boot.
    Life lately has consisted of chasing after my wilding foster kittens, working on summer items for the shop, and really just enjoying the sunshine that's finally arrived! Hope you're having a good week!
xo Hannah


Makeover Monday: Tropical Peach

It's been awhile since I've done a makeover monday post! With summer quick approaching, I have been doing alterations to a ton of vintage sets for the shop, which are my favorite!  This set started out as capris with little jeweled dangles on the leg and a normal length blouse.  I went ahead and made it into shorts and a crop top instead, and while I was going to originally add my signature pom pom trim, I thought this set was cute enough alone without it!

Outfit Details:
Vintage Set - for sale in the shop this week!
Shoes - Swell.com
Jacket - Rue21
Sunnies - c/o Kameleonz

Anyway, we finally had a beautiful hot and sunny weekend here.  We didn't really do anything special, but spent lots of time outside in the yard, which was perfect!  Hope you guys had a good one too!
xo Hannah