Mountain Hiatus

Hi guys!  Sorry for the brief hiatus there, I've been hanging out with my family who was here visiting for the past week.  I didn't really plan to take a break from everything, but it turned out being really nice to disconnect for awhile.

Outfit Details:
Vtg Denim Dress -for sale in the shop here!
Denim Blouse - Target
Plaid Shirt - Forever 21
Shoes - Minnetonka

On Friday we took a little roadtrip into the mountains to stay in a family friend's house near Vail, which was beautiful! A much needed relaxing few days spent hiking, eating and drinking, and spending time with family and friends.  I had my mom snap these quickly before we headed out on our last day, but besides these I really didn't even take my camera out of its case! Now its back to reality while trying to figure out how to make the most of the last month of summer!
xo Hannah


Date Night Stripes

Stopping in with an outfit I wore on Friday for a little date night with R.  It was my first day off the Whole30 cleanse and we were excited to be able to go out to eat normally again!  I even donned something form fitting (for me!) instead of my yoga pants and one of R's t shirts that you can usually find me in. 
Outfit Details:
Crop Top - Forever21
Skirt + Shoes -thrifted

We headed out to try a cute little wine bar with small plates and pizzas.  We got some olives to snack on with happy hour beers and then split a margarita and a mushroom pie.  I'd say it was a successful re-initiation into the world of wheat, dairy, sugar, and alcohol, especially since we stopped at the grocery store on the way home and may or may not have gotten cookies and ice cream.  Whoops! We ended the night with Ben and Jerry on the couch watching our new fave show Rita on Netflix.  Have you guys seen it yet?  It's about a badass teacher in Denmark, I highly recommend it!
xo Hannah
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Win a $100 Gift Card to The Braided Bandit Vintage!

Happy Fridayyy!  I am SO looking forward to this weekend, especially since I completed my Whole 30 challenge yesterday and can eat all the foods again!  Still going to try to keep relatively healthy but definitely going out for drinks tonight and having pizza at some point this weekend!  Anyway, I thought I would share some photos from a recent collaboration I did with two favorite NYC bloggers of mine, Noelle of Noelle's Favorite Things and Rachel of Jag Lever!  How cute do they look from their vintage dresses from the shop?!  In honor of best friends, they are helping me host a giveaway for a $100 gift card to my vintage shop, and while we are mainly running it through instagram, I thought it would be nice to post it here too!

Just follow the easy steps below to enter!  If you've already entered on instagram, you don't need to enter again. The giveaway will be open until next Wednesday.  Have an amazing weekend!
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xo Hannah


Jumpsuit Jungle

Starting with hair up and taking it down immediately, a daily occurrence for me. Which do you prefer yourself?
Outfit Details:
Jumpsuit - Sammy Dress
Necklace- Gift (made in Hawaii)
Heels - thrifted
Purse -vintage

Absolutely love this jumpsuit I got recently.  The tropical print and slightly slouchy fit are perfect, but they are so hard to move around in sometimes!  May or may not have torn a strap off while bending to pick up my dropped camera remote immediately after these photos were taken.  Off to the "mending pile" it will go, where it will probably stay for months haha.  Hope you guys are having a great start to your week!
xo Hannah


Americana Whites

Hi guys! Can I just say it's going to be such a relief when this week is over.  Though a lot of the stuff I've got going on is good stuff, there's so many little extras going on this week its throwing me for a loop.  It's also been oddly dreary for Colorado this week, except for the day I shot these photos last Friday where it was so bright I look like I'm scowling in almost every shot!

Outfit Details
Dress - thrifted- similar
Crown - handmade - for sale in the shop here!
Shoes - similar

As I've mentioned before, one of the most exciting (and stressful) things I have coming up is selling at my first market this weekend in Boulder!  If you're local, you should definitely stop by and say hello!  It's right in Boulder's "central park" on 13th and canyon and I'll be there SUNDAY from 11-5! Cross your fingers for good weather and friendly customers!  I also have a super fun giveaway and collaboration coming up with two of my favorite NYC bloggers Noelle's Favorite Things and Jag Lever for a $100 gift card to my shop!  I will be posting more information on instagram so stay tuned!  In the meantime, you can see their adorable BFF style post wearing vintage from my shop here!
xo Hannah


Makeover Monday: Denim Jumper

Just stopping in really quick to share a little vintage makeover from a few weeks back!  I love how simply taking up the hem of a dress makes it a whole new piece.  This denim pinafore is actually on its way to Norway now!  Wish I could follow my vintage all over the world!
Have a great start to your week!
xo Hannah


The Most Ridiculous Shirt

Hi guys, I hope you had a wonderful 4th!  This is what I donned for America's birthday.  I can't believe I'm actually posting this outfit on my blog. This shirt is half a joke, half really really serious.

I usually try to avoid shopping at Walmart, but it's unfortunately the only store in easy walking distance of our house.  R and I walked there on Friday to grab a few groceries for the weekend when I spotted this gem of a shirt on the rack. You guys. It's a kitten, holding a rocket pop and pinwheel with fireworks in its eyes wearing an uncle sam hat.  You can't really get more patriotic than that.  And it's even made in the good ole U.S.A.  I tried to find a link to it since I know all of you will be just dying to get your hands on one, but I couldn't find it online!  I may or may not have also tied a matching hair bow on my poor cat and made her pose for a picture with me as well (on my insta here).  She was a good sport because treats were involved.

Back to reality and a super busy week tomorrow!
xo Hannah