Insta-Life {1st Edition}

I am so excited to bring you my first installment of insta-life!   I got instagram a few weeks ago when it finally came out for android, and find myself wanting to document every pretty little thing I see! You can follow me @braidedbandit if you want to keep up with my oh-so-exciting day-to-day life! One good thing I can say about having an instagram is that it inspires you to look at the beauty in your everyday life- and then you get to share that beauty with others!

           Snow on spring blossoms // Pink Seersucker Dress

                Coral Mod Dress// Pretty Pink Blossoms

       Doodling Logo Designs // My Favorite Old Man Shoes

New Yummy Organic Body Butters // The Prettiest Rose Print

  My Parents Wedding in the 70s // Practicing Fancy Stitches

        My dream house //  A lovely vintage dress I hemmed

 Do you have an instagram account? I would love to take a peak! Happy Friday!
xo Hannah


An Earth Day Adventure

Happy Earth Day!  First off, I have to admit I took these picture yesterday, so the adventure didn't actually take place on Earth Day itself, but close enough!  After work I set out to find a place in the area that would reflect the true natural beauty of where I live.  I found this road literally five minutes away from where I work, and the sky was absolutely amazing- bright blue with the perfect Colorado cotton candy clouds.  I really do not think I could ask to live in a place with more natural beauty so close at hand!
Outfit Details
Scarf: Vintage/ RECYCLED!!
Wedges: Mia Pampa Desert Wedge Booties, DSW

     I hope you guys aren't getting sick of my floral dresses and nature pictures yet (ahem, last post) because there is a lot more where that came from!  So, I don't want to get too preachy on ye' olde blog, but I really hope everyone does take a moment to think about our planet today and things you can do in your life to live more sustainably!  One of the main reasons for me starting The Braided Bandit blog and vintage shop, besides my love for fashion and photography, was the fact that my background is in environmental policy.  I thought what better way to combine sustainability with creativity than a shop that revolves around recycling and giving new life to clothing.  So all I am asking is for you to think before you buy, and to take a minute today to appreciate the natural beauty in your daily lives!
xo Hannah    
p.p.s Don't mind the last photo, I am just dancing by myself in the middle of the road in front of a tripod with  a self timer. Oh, life.


The Lavender Tree

     So, this is day two for me of twelve days straight of work with no break! I have to admit, I am slightly daunted and not too excited about it.  That said, I definitely brought it upon myself so I can't whine to much!  I sometimes work a promotional marketing job I have had for a few years on weekends for a little extra cash in addition to my full time job during the week, since I am trying to save for a brandy new camera.  The gig for this weekend is for Dove health and beauty products, which I have done a billion times before, so it should be a piece of cake! It is also at Costco, which means... free samples for lunch, woohoo!



Outfit Details:
Blouse: vintage
Shoes: vintage
Floral Crown: DIY

     This dress is the first vintage piece I shortened and hemmed, with the help and guidance of R's mom (thank you!).  It used to be an awkward mid calf length and pretty frumpy, and the shortening made all the difference!  It has the prettiest french country floral print and the fabric is super comfy! I was seriously tempted to keep it for myself, but alas, I bought it for the shop, and that where you can find it now!  This post is quite the floral explosion, which I somehow only realized after editing the pictures... the tree blossoms, the printed dress, the flower embroidery on the blouse collar, and the floral crown, woah.  Anyway,  perhaps I overdid it a little bit but Spring makes me a little floral obsessed (and I know I am not alone here!) 
     I am off to the post office to mail out my cousins bridesmaids jewelry I just finished (check it out on instagram @braidedbandit) and a lovely vintage package heading to Australia!  Hope you guys are having a slightly more relaxing week than I am!
xo Hannah


Shop Update

     Well, I have not done a shop update in quite some time!  Just wanted to share a few of my favorites from the past few weeks that have been added to the shop.  Lovely dresses and fun prints galore!  It is so exciting to be able to take pictures against an actual white wall instead of the white sheet drape in my old place.  Expect much more where this came from in the near future! New shoes will be added this week as well.
 {Just click the picture or the link to be taken directly to the listing!}

Alright well I hope everyone is having a good start to their weekend.  I myself am keeping busy making my cousins bridesmaids jewelry and doing some work on the shop today!  Tonight I think we may go out for sushi and sake, my favorite!  Do you guys have instagram? I just got it and am in love, you can follow me @braidedbandit.  
xo Hannah


Sweet Alice and the Mischevious Cat

Well, now that I am out of a chocolate coma, I can resume blogging again!  My apologies for the little hiatus and I hope everyone had a terrific holiday weekend, or just normal weekend.  I myself went to a lovely brunch with unlimited champagne and delicious food! I think I had four plates... I wish I did not always seem to wear high waisted skirts to these event, the waist line really restricts my eating capabilities!

 Outfit Details:
Dress: vintage- for sale in the shop now!
Necklace: Vintage
Boots: Vintage/ thrifted
Belt: Vintage/ thrifted
Hat: Sears

Alright, I will stop squabbling on about food now.  Isn't this dress somethin' special?! I sent a picture of it to my mom and she said it looked like it was straight out of Alice in Wonderland, and I agree.  It is some sort of mixture of the sweet Alice and the mischievous Cheshire cat.   I love the full pleated skirt, perfect for twirling, and the special details like the winged top and button up back make it extra pretty! Unfortunately, it is a little big on me, but that was fixed for the day by adding a belt! The dress is for sale in my vintage shop now and more dresses to come in the next few days!  Back to work for me, have a lovely day!
xo Hannah