Friday's Favorite Finds {Vol. 5}

Here's what caught my eye this week!
There's are a ton of cute and cozy low key looks in J Crew's Fall Style Guide Sneak Peak on pinterest!

Have you guys heard about Etsy's new review system that launched this week? For all of you who sell or shop on Etsy its an interesting read.  Basically, buyers won't get feedback rating anymore, just sellers, and instead of being broken up into just "positive" or "negative" feedback, you give a rating out of 5 stars.  Though I am still getting a feel for the new system, I think in the long run it will be a good change.  And speaking of Etsy, I am starting to list lots of pretty vintage shoes in the shop for fall!

I want to wear this bootie from Modcloth with cozy sweaters every day this fall!

 Like this gradient color one from Oasap! It comes in green, blue, and maroon and I can't decide which one I like best!

If I ever actually cooked, I would attempt to make this delicious looking Salted Honey and Fig Cheesecake! YUM!

Though I'm not ready to give up summer weather quite yet, I have to admit I have been browsing cute winter coats already! This one from Persunmall is pretty high up on my list!

The lovely people over at Laurence King Publishing sent over a The Simple Dress Book and The Stylish Dress book for me to try out! They have so many gorgeous and inspiring sewing patterns and I can't wait to share an upcoming DIY project from one of them!

Hope you guys have a great long weekend if you're in the US!
xo Hannah


A Weekend in Vail

Just wanted to share a few photos from my weekend in Vail! Or maybe a little more than a few, whoops! This is probably my last real weekend getaway of the summer, but with a lot of big changes coming up for me in the near future, it will be good to stay put for a little bit and get all my ducks in a row! (By the way, I just had to ask R what the "ducks in a row" saying was, as all I could think of in my mind was putting eggs in a row.  I am notorious for making up my own sayings that are slightly "different" than the original version (read: wrong)).
Outfit Details: Green jumper & bag - vintage // Top & Boots - thrifted // Sunnies - Target

     Anyway. Can't you just feel the fresh mountain air? Vail is only about a two hour drive West into the Rockies from where I live, yet I haven't actually been since I came to Colorado with my family in high school.  As I said in Monday's post, its mainly a ski town designed to look like a European village but its super pretty in summer as well! All of the gorgeous buildings have flower boxes out and we just walked around the cobblestone streets taking pictures and exploring.  We veered off the main street for awhile to oggle the amazing houses in a nearby neighborhood too, which was probably my favorite part!  The fourth pic from the bottom is my dream home, just in case, ya know, someone wants to get it for me.
      Sorry for the photo overload, this is as far as I could narrow it down because its just such a picturesque place.  I hope you're all having a great week! Also, if I can pry this emerald green vintage jumper from my own wanting hands, you should be seeing it in the shop soon!
xo Hannah


Vail Varsity

Spent  a perfect weekend in the mountains with R.  We headed up Friday afternoon, drove through rainstorms, and still made good time getting to the condo we were renting for two nights in Vail. We got a little preview of crisp fall temperatures yet it was still nice and warm in the sun.  We didn't want to come back!
Outfit Details: Dress - vintage // Jacket - F21 // Booties - thrifted // Sunnies - c/o Oasap

      The downtown area of Vail was built to look like a European Village and is gorgeous to walk through so we spent Saturday exploring (read: eating) our way around town.  I'll save those photos for another post though!  This dress was a gift from my Aunt and is one of my all time favorites from my personal vintage collection. I decided to mix a bunch of really modern pieces with it, pairing it with black booties and a varsity style jacket that I picked up last year. I'll be sharing more of our weekend adventure throughout the week!  What did you guys do this weekend?
xo Hannah


Friday's Favorite Finds {Vol. 4}

I adore Laura Anderson's simple style and really all of the beautiful people featured on the Toronto blog Boots and Pine - such beautiful photography! Also, jumper dresses ALL. THE. TIME.

These resin animal busts from White Faux Taxidermy are gorgeous! I have an arched wall cutout in the wall behind my desk and I would love to put something like this here to make it a really special little place!

Did you guys catch Leah of We Live Upstairs's amazing Hutch Cabinet re-style on her blog? I think the finished product looks like it came straight out of a home on the Design Sponge blog which is my favorite!

A new Madewell store just opened in my town which I am so excited about because I have never actually been in one! I have always admired the online store though and I am sad I had to be at work for their Boulder grand opening this week.  These pumps would be SO perfect for fall and I would love to hang this scarf on my wall!

This lookbook from Herschel Supply Company is perfect.  I have my own Herschel backpack packed and ready to head into the mountains for a Vail getaway with R this weekend, hooray!

Have a great weekend!
xo Hannah


Mint + Lace

     We're half way there guys. I have been busy working extra hours this week so I can leave early on Friday and have already started to pack for a weekend in the mountains.  I was excited to see the forecast was in the mid 60s there which actually means I could wear long sleeves or a sweater!  This week I have also been getting back into running after work.  And by that I mean I ran Sunday and Monday and then decided to not run last night and eat a whole large frozen pizza instead.  Baby steps!
Outfit Details: Skirt - borrowed from Jenna of Smitten // Bodysuit - Urbanog // Boots -thrifted // 
Sunnies - BCBG Generation // Pyramid Necklace - c/o Oasap

    I was actually reading an article on Refinery 29 last night about a "new" trend called the Healthie.  Basically, instead of the selfie photos on instagram, its taking it to a new level by posting dieting results and workout pictures, etc.  Basically the question behind the article was: is this trend just plain narcissistic or actually inspiring to both you and others?  Personally, I am pretty unfazed by the trend.  I feel like our generation is so used to (over)sharing, its really nothing new.  I have friends on facebook that post daily workout times and always am seeing before and after juice cleanse results on instagram. I think if you are feeling good about your progress and what your doing it is your right to share about it if you want, and if it bothers you seeing it or gets annoying, you should just scroll right on by the post.  Though I don't know if its something I personally would do and I do think there is a tasteful level to be maintained in the sharing department, I do enjoy reading exercise results and detox regimes once in a while on others' blogs!  Hearing about success stories, what works and what doesn't, and people being proud of their bodies doesn't have to make you feel bad about yours.  I usually try to approach it as "take it or leave it".  If you think its inspiring or helpful, take it.  If you think it is annoying (which I agree it totally can be), just scroll on by, skip the like, the heart, or the pin, and go on about your day.  Anyway, just my thoughts, I would love to know what you think!
     On the tangent of fitness and personal appearance, this bodysuit from Urbanog is pretty risque for me! I bought it on a one day flash sale for a really reduced price because I loved the print and thought it would be fun to try something new. R doesn't understand why its a bodysuit and not a swimsuit. I said its because of the material being not fast drying and lined as well, but hey if you want to wear your bodysuit swimming you go for it!  I paired it with this gorgeous lacy skirt I am borrowing from Jenna over at Smitten.  Since it has a comfortable high waisted fit, it was the perfect way to be just the right amount of covered up.  Jenna also just had her birthday yesterday and she has the CUTEST style, so you should definitely stop by her blog to say hello and wish her a happy belated birthday!
Hope you're all having a wonderful week!
xo Hannah
p.s. I am posting over all the Flock Together Blog today and would love if you stopped by to say hello!


Caramel Cats

On some Mondays, such as today, simply sipping a cup of coffee at work isn't enough.  I am requesting my office gets a caffeine I.V. station where I can cut to the chase and insert it right into my veins.  Coffee I.Vs exist, right? Well if not, brb, patenting it.
Outfit Details: Kitty Skirt - c/o Persunmall // Black Cropped Tank - c/o Persunmall // 
Blouse - c/o August Wrinkle // Sunnies - c/o Oasap // Straw Boater - Vintage // 
Saddle Shoes - Deena & Ozzy (thrifted)

    Monday's lethargy aside, I had a pretty good weekend. Friday night R and I headed to our favorite dive bar for some beer and games and on Saturday I went on a little vintage buying trip to get some new things for the shop.  Sunday was bittersweet, but definitely falling closer to the sweet side.  My foster cat Hamilton got adopted by a super nice young couple who came to meet him last week! I am so happy for him, but I am definitely going to miss having my three-legged buddy hop all around my apartment after me!  So, my cat-print skirt (from Persunmall) is in honor of Hammy finding a good home!
     Anyway,  I will be working four really long days so R and I can road trip into the mountains on Friday for a long weekend! Cheers to the start of you work (or school) week!
xo Hannah