Capri (Italy Travel Journal Pt. 3)

You guys, I really have not been very good at blogging since I returned from my trip.  With shop work, holiday shopping, and possibly even a seasonal job on the way, the blog has been put on the back burner, and it may stay there for awhile.  I definitely plan on still posting, it just may not be as regularly as I usually do!  Anyway, here's a little photo journal of the third leg of my Italian adventure on the island of Capri!

The (amazing) view from our apartment.
The only spot where we got wifi was on our patio.
Posing in front of our little abode.
All of the rest are from the beautiful Villa San Michelle in Anacapri.

We spent one day on a beautiful rocky beach and even swam in the freezing mediterranean, and also took a boat tour around the island to see the infamous blue grotto, both of which I did not have my real camera for!  Hope you enjoyed this little peak into the beautiful island of Capri! Next stop, Rome!
xo Hannah


Pink Hair, Cares a Little Bit

Hi guys!  I'm back with a simple black and white outfit and pink hair again!   I could not wait to dye it back again after I got back from Italy!  The dye I have is both a curse and a blessing though, because it rinses out after only a few washes. So while I like that its temporary and non damaging, it is going to be kind of annoying to keep it up!  If any of you have ever had pastel hair before, I would love to know what you use/ your process! Also, the post title is from the common hashtag/ saying "Pink Hair Don't Care".  This ones more true for me ;)

Outfit Details:
Fuzzy Coat - Darling UK
Blouse - Vintage
Pants - Target
Shoes - thrifted

I am definitely not done with my Italy trip photos, but I'm going to try to throw some real-time outfits in the mix too so you guys don't get too bored with one or the other!  It's really nice having so much content to go through with the trip, but I do get a little bitter posting about a trip that I am no longer on haha! I'm sure most of you can relate!

Anyway, trying to get my shop and blog groove back, wish me luck!
xo Hannah


Positano (Italy Travel Journal Pt 2.)

Positano was literally one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and I am not sure these photos will really do it justice! This colorful hillside town along the Amalfi Coast was the second stop on our Italian adventure.  The whole town is basically located cliffside with one winding road going down to the beaches.  Because we were there in late October which has already started their off-season, it was way less crowded on the beaches than if you were to come in mid summer.  And while this meant it was a bit too chilly for us to enjoyably swim here, it was still the perfect mild temperatures to explore in.  I could have happily spent way more than two short nights here!

The first portion of photos are from the smaller beach, where we had delicious sandwiches and beer for lunch before wandering around to collect little pieces of colorful tiles on the rocky beach.  We had to walk down hundreds of stone steps to get up or down anywhere.  We then wandered over to the bigger main beach just in time for a beautiful sunset. The colorful houses all piled on top of eachother reminded me of a pastel layer cake, and every direction you turned was more stunning than the last.  There were also a bunch of cute little shops lining the roads on the way down, including this one that sold darling floaty pastel dresses where I got a scarf and my mom got a dress.  You can see a few more shots on my instagram including this view from higher up, and this cute kitty that visited the apartment we were renting!  Positano, I hope to see you again soon!
xo Hannah


Pompeii (Italy Travel Journal Pt.1)

Wahoo, the first edition of my travel journal from Italy!  The pile of photos I have from the trip is a bit daunting, so I am going to break it down into all of the different locations we stayed at.  The first stop on on trip was Sorrento, and these photos are from a day trip we took to the ancient city ruins of Pompeii.

Outfit Details:
Jeans - Marshalls
Yellow Sweater - c/o Oasap
Maroon Tote - Baggu
Hat - similar
Plaid Shirt - similar

A little history. In 79 AD, the city of pompeii was largely destroyed and buried under volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius (which you can see in the background of a lot of these photos).  The city was lost for about 1,500 years while buried under the layers of ash, which helped to block out air and moisture and preserve the city in its original condition.  The city was later re-discovered and excavated, and now is one of Italy's most popular tourist attractions.

It was amazing wondering around such an old place, and even the human bodies (which you can see third photo from the bottom) are still preserved.  The highlights for me included getting to walk inside all of the dwellings, seeing a preserved puppy, and last but not least, the famous whorehouse where you could see the ancient paintings above each room that people would "order" off of like a menu back in the ancient city!

As for what I wore throughout my trip, I only packed one large backpack for the whole two weeks, so staying comfortable and mobile were my main two objectives! If you are planning a trip with a lot of walking, I ended up loving these New Balance 420s which I got right before the trip.  I added a jelly Dr. Scholl's insert to the bottom and basically wore these exclusively the whole time.  Plus, they're cute!

I unfortunately didn't take any photos on my real DSLR camera of Sorrento, but you can see a few phone shots on instagram, like this amazing happy hour with a view of Mt. Vesuvius!

Have a great weekend!
xo Hannah


Home Sweet Home

Hi strangers! I am back from my Italian adventure, and it sure is bittersweet.  The pros are: my bed and my closet.  The cons are: everything else.

Outfit Details:
Sweater - c/o Oasap
Boots - c/o Oasap
Bracelet - Mitla Moda
Scarf - Target
Shorts - Vintage
Glasses - c/o Sunglass Warehouse

One of the best parts of coming back from a trip however, is opening all the mail and packages that arrived while you were gone.  I was super excited to have this tribal sweater and these boots waiting for me, especially since I had been living out of a backpack for my two weeks in Italy!  I loved how well the sweater matched my beaded bracelet from Mitla Moda too!  I wore this when R and I grabbed lunch on a beautiful unseasonably warm day yesterday, which was the perfect welcome home before the FREEZING cold sets in later (I'm talking 72 yesterday, 16 degrees tomorrow!)

As for my trip, I absolutely loved Italy and would go back in a heartbeat!  We saw so many beautiful places I can hardly even fathom how we did so much in such a short amount of time.  Also the food. Wine and pasta. Wine and pizza.  Pizza with pasta. Wine with more wine. I plan to do multiple posts on my trip after I get done going through all of my photos, but I thought I would start back up with a regular outfit posts because its been FOREVER! I also want to say a huge thanks to the lovely ladies who guest posted for my travel series while I was gone.  It really helped me enjoy my vacation more not having to carry around a laptop or worry about putting posts up!

p.s. If anyone is currently doing a good cleanse, eating, or exercise challenge right now, please do share!  Let's just say eating pasta and pizza almost exclusively in Italy catches up with you and I would love some motivation to be a bit healthier!


Travel Log with JennifHsieh

Hi guys! I am super excited to bring to you the fifth and final edition of my travel series of guest posts on the blog called Travel Log!  While I am in Italy traveling without a laptop, I have invited a few of my favorite blogging gals who also have been bitten by the wanderlust bug to share some of their favorite travel experiences with you guys!  So please welcome Jen of JennifHsieh who will be sharing her beautiful trip to Turkey with you guys!

Oh, hey there. My name is Jen and I run a little blog over at JennifHsieh  where I document my personal style and ramble on about little moments about my life. I'm currently living in New York City and working as a production manager within a social media company. Also, I can never say no to a good plate of hot wings. 

What is a favorite or most interesting trip that you've taken and when did you go?

My favorite trip that I've taken within the past few years was to visit my boyfriend in Turkey (he was teaching abroad there for 10 months a few years back). I've always wanted to go to Istanbul but it was even better since it was kind of like a mini-reunion to break up those 10 months into two parts. Leaving was definitely beyond hard though. 

What specific areas did you go to while there?

The two of us spent a few days in Istanbul to ring in the New Year and then traveled to Malatya, the town he was living/teaching in, located in the eastern half of the country. 

For someone else thinking about traveling here, what were your top 2-3 favorite things that you did while there? 

I'm going to focus strictly on Istanbul, since Malatya is not much of a tourist city at all. My favorite things that I did was definitely (1) staying at a hostel instead of a hotel (it gave you a better sense of community and you were more likely to meet friendly strangers), (2) taking the ferry to visit the Asian side of the city, and (3) just enjoying some Turkish tea while playing late night games of backgammon. Oh, and of course the Blue Mosque. Absolutely stunning. 

What do you like to wear while traveling? Any tips for looking cute but still being comfortable and mobile for a day of exploring?  If you have a favorite outfit or two that you wore while there I'd love to see!

Turkey is a bit more conservative and it gets really cold in the winter months. For the most part I stuck to comfortable walking shoes and long pants (using colored pants to spice up my looks). If I did wear dresses or skirts I made sure to pair them with thick tights to cover up my legs. A big tip is to always bring a scarf with you; they come in handy when you visit mosques to cover your head out of respect (mainly for women). And socks, in case you have to take off your shoes. 

Discovering new foods is one of my favorite parts about traveling! What was the best thing you ate while there?  Is this something that the area is known for?

Although there are a million typical things (like the kebabs and the baklava), I have to say my three favorite foods were more off the beaten "tourist" path. To drink, there was nothing more refreshing than freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. To snack on, grabbing a "wet hamburger" was absolutely perfection, even though the name wasn't too appetizing. So cheap and easy to eat on the go. Finally, to eat, I couldn't get enough of the fish sandwiches that you could get underneath the Galata bridge. Incredible and I miss it every day. 

Lastly, What is your favorite memory from the trip?

Jeremy and I celebrated the New Year at our hostel since they were hosting a mini-celebration right on their roof top and we thought it would be a great way to meet some new people. We ended up celebrating up a storm with a handful of people from all around the world (not to mention a ton of cute European guys) and drunkenly running outside (without my heels on) to catch the fireworks over the Galata Bridge, only about 10 blocks away. So magical and so reckless. 

Thank you so much for posting Jen! Your photos and stories are beautiful!