Windy Florals

Well, I almost wasn't going to post these photos as it was a battle between my outfit and the wind on this day and my outfit lost.  That said, I really loved the outfit even though it didn't translate how I wanted to in photos, but so it goes right?
Outfit Details: Vintage Floral Blouse - for sale in the shop here! // Vintage Maroon Booties - for sale in the shop here // Teal Sunnies - c/o Oasap // Vintage Skirt - thrifted // Socks - Urban Outfitters // Jacket - Target

Anyway, can you ever just feel that your style is changing?  Though not at all evident in this outfit, I find myself looking back to the basics and am drawn to more simple silhouettes while browsing stores online.  While I still love bold floral prints and cute peter pan collars, I think my style is somehow maturing.  I find myself typing in "nude pumps" or "printed cropped trousers" instead of "Cat Dress with Kittens Riding Unicorns", if you catch my drift.  Anyone going through something similar right now? Maybe its just the change of seasons I am itching for!

Hope you're all having a great week!
xo Hannah


  1. This blouse is just perfect! I love it! It love big flower prints and especially on blouses or blazers! Perfect look :)
    Lots of love!

  2. that shirt is just too adorable!!!


  3. I think wind only helped you to create some original snapshots, you look so lovely in those garments. The blouse is my favourite)
    Have a fabulous time!

  4. I feel like I'm undergoing a similar style change! But I still love me some pink florals. This outfit actually managed to make that look very metropolitan and adult :)

  5. No, I've felt like I've been undergoing that change for the past year and have read that from other bloggers too. Partly changing trend but also just exploring new parts of our lives and identities I think!

  6. YES, i'm going through the SAME thing! Even scrolling back three months makes me question what the heck i was thinking, haha. I love the leather jacket by the way, i've never seen you in one before!

    xo marlen
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  7. I am so feeling the same thing! I'm really into blazers and longer length dresses lately and haven't been sniffing out the skater skirts and crazy diva items. I guess we're getting classier, Hannah!

  8. I have definitely been feeling my style changing lately, I just want it to be spring so I can wear less layers. I have been leaning to more simple, easy pieces too!
    Love the floral top with the leather jacket and that skirt, such a great combination!

  9. You're so cute, Hannah :) Love this outfit and those sunglasses- AMAZING!!!

    I hope that you've had an amazing week and that your weekend is even better!!

    xo, Alyssa

  10. Love this outfit! I've been feeling much the same way about my style of late--I'm leaning much more towards clean, simple, and minimalistic styles than I used to. :)

    decked out in ruffles

  11. Love it girl and yes! I know what you mean about your style changing. I find myself being drawn to different prints, cuts and shapes nowadays! You look amazing as usual... love your top knot!

  12. Great pictures, such a beautiful background!


  13. ooh this look is SO pretty! Totally been there when the pictures don't translate the way I want, sigh! And I'm with you on the simple thing- I've been pinning simple looks non-stop that just seem so effortless and pretty to me! Maybe it's because all winter long we've been layering and it gets complicated. I just can't wait to wear ONE or maybe TWO items of clothing at a time!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA

  14. that vintage blouse is so pretty! & i love the booties & skirt with it!! this look is fantastic. and i loved your comment, that is totally how i feel too, i keep going to more basics over multiple diff colored layers, which if i recall back to before blogging though was def more my style and i kind of tried to spice things up a bit w/ blogging. the "cat dress with kittens riding unicorns made me laugh.