White Russian

I need to stop checking the 10 day weather as soon as I wake up, as there is no warmth in the foreseeable future.  But at least snow makes virtually any place a pretty backdrop! My heating bill on the other hand... let's not go there.
Outfit Details:  Dress - Vintage, for sale in the shop here! // Hat - My grandfathers //Boots - thrifted // Fleece Tights - Marshalls

I spent most of the snowy weekend bundled up inside at R's watching movies, cooking, and working on the shop.  We also picked up a variety pack of Magic Hat Winter seasonal beers which were AMAZING! If you like beer, I would highly recommend this mix, it comes in a red and green box and has an awesome assortment. There's a fruity pale ale, a dark stout, a tasty wheat IPA, and a special new ginger spice ale, so there's something for everyone (or ahem, all for you)! We did go on a few snowy walks around R's neighborhood and while I wore this as a base layer, I quickly ran inside to pile on sweaters, leggings, and coats on top of this.  I felt like a vintage soldier in my houndstooth dress from the shop and fuzzy hat that was my grandpa's!  We watched the movie "The Prisoner" which was really good but really freaky (I'm a huge chicken when it comes to movies)! We also went to the movies last night to see American Hustle which I thought was good, but not as great as the hype.
    Anyway, now that this post has turned into a weather report, a beer review, and movie critique, I'll leave it at that!
Hope you guys are staying warm!
xo Hannah


  1. Ohhh that beer sounds fantastic, I love seasonal brews so much. My favourite is Granville Island winter ale, so delicious!
    These photos are gorgeous, the snow might be cold and annoying but it sure does make for a gorgeous backdrop. This coat is seriously amazing!

  2. Loved all of the features of this post ! http://mydailycostume.com
    XX, Elle
    Lookimg forward to seeing your shop

  3. That is one cool grampa hat, dude! And that jacket is seriously cool, especially against your beautiful wintry backdrop. Yum yum all around! Hope that you're staying warm (hopefully that seasonal beer will help, haha!)

  4. I love this wintery look. You are too cute in that hat.

  5. I love that this look is so different from all the other winter looks I've been seeing out there. Red is definitely a great color on you.

    And Magic Hat always has INCREDIBLE seasonal beers. I need to go pick up their winter pack now! Noms.

  6. that dress, wow!! it's such a great classic and you look beautiful in it! i esp love it w/ that awesome hat (what a great inheritance!) and now i get it... putting lots of layers in after. ok, i see how you people are still alive haha.

  7. I love the vintage solider vibe! The red standouts out so beautifully against the snow. It looks great.

    - Liz

    a fickle heart

  8. I love this look, and you nailed it with the title! Those beers sound awesome, I'm going to have to look for that. I really love a good seasonal beer (or a few...)

  9. Ahhh, so picturesque! & the title makes me think of The Big Lebowski =P

  10. I'm loving this dress -so pretty! It reminds of something that the American Girl doll Samantha woudl wear!


  11. I love Magic Hat! Also, I am in the middle of watching American Hustle right now, but I'm having a hard time getting through it! I love the costumes and the characters, but I am having a hard time following the story, which makes it not as interesting to me. So, I agree with you here! Nice coat, also! It fits you so well.

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA

  12. Ahahah amazing! Red looks always good in the snow.