Cape of Good Hope

I have a confession.  I wasn't really wearing this outfit in real life, but just stepped outside to snap these while shooting this darling vintage cape for the shop!  Its seriously one of the most beautiful sweaters I've ever laid eyes on with folk/ fair isle motif complete with hearts!  Anyway, now the secrets out- send out the authorities for a fake blogging outfit alert ;)

Outfit Details:
VTG Cape Sweater - for sale in the shop here!
Loafers - thrifted (similar)
Blouse - c/o August Wrinkle (similar)
Maroon Pants - c/o American Apparel

I've been busy with a bunch of different fun collaborations this week and am really excited to have some of my very favorite bloggers wearing The Braided Bandit Vintage in the upcoming weeks!  I'm also super excited about having my vintage in a local salon here starting next Monday, especially since the two salon partners are also small business owners around my age.  I'll have to snap a few photos of the rack I'm bringing over, so many cute dresses!  It will be so nice to have a small in-personal local retail presence, as its something I've never got into before.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!
xo Hannah


  1. That is such a pretty cape! I don't blame you for wanting to post outfit pictures of it, I would have done the same!

  2. That is such a lovely cape, especially for fall! I love how that is a blogger debate whether or not people wear the outfits in real life. Well you run a shop so you have to take photos anyways and these are darling! Thats so exciting the direction your business is headed! Congrats!

  3. It's so pretty! I love the colors in it :D

  4. Fakeness forgiven - this outfit is so cute from head to toe! The way the pants and shoes match the colors in the cape is perfect. Just lovely all around :) Looking forward to your upcoming collabs!


  5. That cape is just beautiful! I love how you've worn it, even if it is a 'fake' outfit pose ;)

  6. your cape is amazing!

  7. I love that cape! I have yet to see one in real life, but the folk pattern is so cool! I'm so excited for all these great things happening with your shop!

  8. i love this! it's so different and so chic at the same time!

  9. Ugh this is way too tempting to buy. Way. Too. Tempting. It's so damn cute.

  10. Haha. I think the authorities are coming after you! Love that outfit!!

    XO Chloe
    A Latte Lipstick

  11. That is so cool Hannah! Congrats. Maybe some day an opportunity like this could lead to you having your own store front! I always wanted to do a pop up or collab with another business of some sort, but as I live in an old coal mining town - I doubt that selling vintage locally would ever work out as long as I'm living here. We are stuck 20 years behind the times, ha.

    And that cape is an incredible find...seriously though. I love the little checked dress you are wearing below too. Wish you lived closer so I could tag along thrifting with you, hehe.

    And your comment made me laugh...I'm pretty much rocking the jeggings too lately.

    Hope your weekend is lovely lady!

  12. Amazing outfit, you look lovely. Check out my new post


  13. love it!
    Great post


  14. THis collaboration sounds fun to see. I always enjoy seeing people wearing your wares.

    Also- it is too bad you didn't wear this in real life (though, knowing how weather can fluctuate wouldn't be surprised if it was just too darn hot!) because you've paired everything so perfectly!