Guava Papaya

 What I would give to still be here as we speak, sipping on a mai tai before we heading out to dinner!  Coming back from Hawaii, no matter how long or short the visit, always leaves me with an unsettled yearning, or the post-vacation blues!  

Outfit Details
Romper & Necklace- The Root (Kauai)
Crystal Necklace - Vintage
Purse - Vintage
Sandals - gift
Hat - Eddie Bauer

I felt completely in my element in this bright outfit. I picked up this cute romper and fringe necklace at a local boutique in Hanalei called The Root.  It's super comfy and now I wish summer would hurry up and get here in Colorado so I can wear it again.  R and I actually rented kayaks from the place I am standing in front of earlier that morning and spent a few hours paddling down the river through trees and jungle.  I may or may not have been able to lift my arms for the rest of the day afterwards.
This is the end of the outfit photos from my trip, so it will be back to wintry Colorado posts after this (though I can't complain, the weather here has been unseasonably warm lately too!)  Hope you guys are having a good week!
xo Hannah

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  1. Ah, look at the brightness - I think I can feel the warmth of the sun through your pictures! hah. And gorgeous dress, that colour is just so cheery and wonderfully bright!

  2. What a wonderful color on you, Hannah! And these photos are such a welcome sight -- I'm currently staring out the window at work at a very gray sky with mountains of snow... <3

    xox Sammi

  3. I think rompers are a great beach vacation item--a total outfit that takes up very little space in a bag. Looking out at the snow outside, I would love to be in Hawaii right now too!

  4. Very cute romper, I just lovely the colour and it looks so lovely on you!

  5. You look so good in red! I'm going on a tropical vacation next week and I'm scoping out your outfit pics for help on packing :) It's been so long since I've been on an island vacay!

  6. I'm so jealous of your mermaid hair! I can never get my hair to be wavey or beachy looking.... this is great! I just adore your vibrant colored romper which is very appropriate btw.... Someday I'll make it to Hawaii but until then I'll have to live it through you! Ha!