Shades of Grey

This outfit reminds me of my friend michelle because grey and pink is her jam.  Do you have any color combinations that remind you of specific people?

Outfit Details
Babydoll Dress - Vintage - for sale in the shop here!
Pink Blouse - Vintage - for sale in the shop here!
Shoes - BAIT Footwear
Tights - Target
Hat - thrifted
Coat -gift from Mom

     I am getting really excited about our little trip to Charleston this weekend. Still taking any recommendations if you guys have any!
    Also, I am going to open a little shop my closet site for non vintage items of mine in the next week or so.  I am going to do it on instagram and then one place online.  Have you guys ever done a closet shop, and if so, which site would you recommend using for it?  These pink bait footwear heels will be part of the sale and they've only been worn a handful of times and are in great condition (size 8.5). Thanks guys, hope you're having a warm and productive week!
xo Hannah


  1. I would recommend Instagram 100% for "Shop my Closet" sales! I made my own IG shop about a year ago (@emmadeershop) and did very, very well with my sales! At the time I started my shop, I was unemployed so I had a lot of time and energy to dedicate the to the shop. I sold vintage, handmade and clothing via IG and took all payments via PayPal. I ended up taking a break from my shop once I started working, but I am going to be relaunching on IG soon. To get hype for sales, I would make cute "ads" via Rhonna Designs or WordSwag that basically said something like, "Closet Sale on Saturday, 5pm sharp! Let me know if you want a tag" and then at 5pm, I would tag everyone who expressed interest in my sale (so they didn't have to remember to tune at that time, they instead just got a notification) and then I would post all of my items at once. I've tried posting items at random times, here and there or one by one, but the best method BY FAR is posting them in the evening on one set day. Then, to gain followers, a lot of shops will do "Share for Shares" where they share an item from your closet shop and you do the same. You could start by following my shop and then looking at my followers/following list and follow shops that you find that way. (All of the accounts I follow via @emmadeershop are shops of some sort!)

    I hope that helps and best of luck!

    ♥ Em

  2. This is really cute! And love the pink heels ;)

  3. Black and blue is my best friend's favorite combination. ♥ :D
    Love your hair color!

    ♥ Grüße
    von SellysSecrets

  4. These pics are SO pretty! I love a good snowy backdrop too! The pink and grey brought back memories of our middle school summer softball league, we got to pick our colors since it was the summer league and we were pastel pink and grey- haha :) I just opened a Store Envy for the same thing but haven't gotten around to using it yet :/ That one seemed good because it's free, but all of Emily's info on selling on Instagram is really helpful!

  5. OOoooooooOOOOoooo! I love that color combo together! Pink and grey look so good on you... I'm especially loving your hair color. How do you dye it pink... any products that you'd like to share? I hope you have fun in Charleston! I love it there.... the old oak trees with spanish moss are so beautiful!

  6. I love pink and grey together. Nice mix of colours. I love the detailing on the collar of the shirt.

    Princess Audu

  7. Super cute! I'm loving the color combo - gray and pink is so incredibly pretty! Can't wait to see what you post on your closet shop!


  8. This outfit is flawless and looks beautiful with your hair!

    1. Also I did a shop my closet thing and I used Storenvy (moderate sales), but when I did flash sales via facebook (where more non-blog-y types like blog stuff) and I sold just about everything I had up. I had my prices relatively low and said the prices would only stay like that for 24-hours. The urgency worked, I think.