Paper Doll Style

Hi guys! I'm here with a super fun little collaboration I did with blogger Hannah of An Old Story. Not only do we share the same name, but Hannah and I also have blogs and our own Etsy shops - twinsies! Hannah reached out to me last month proposing an awesome collaboration called The Paper Doll Project.  Basically, we got to play stylist for each other by coming up with an outfit for the other person based on items they already own and have worn on their blog.

Outfit Details
Vintage Pinafore - in the shop here!
Vintage Blouse - sold out
Hat - Eddie Bauer
Boots - DSW 

This is the outfit she put together for me!  It was perfect for a mini mountain roadtrip R and I took a few weekends ago to see all of the changing leaves, which were beautiful.  My hair was also still tinged pink here and I miss it, though I am going to keep it natural until after I get back from vacation and start experimenting again.

It was so much fun going through Hannah's blog posts and facebook albums and choosing pieces from her wardrobe to style an outfit with.  It definitely was like a real life paper doll! Make sure to stop by Hannah's blog An Old Story to see the outfit I styled for her here!
You can also find Hannah on her Etsy Shop & Instagram


  1. LOVE this outfit! The pinafore is perfect.

  2. I can't get over how superb this outfit came together and how gorgeous this photo setting is! Thank you for participating in this challenge with me. Anytime you wanna style up a look for me again, I would so be up for it. :)

  3. So cute. Loving the warm layers and warm fall foliage colors in the background! :)

  4. First of all, this outfit is adorable. Secondly, what a great name for this project!! And an awesome concept, too. I guess we do similar things with Flock Together, but this just sounds so fun.

    xox Sammi

    1. I loved the name of it when she told me about it too! Thanks Sammi! :)

  5. This is the coolest idea, and I love what she styled for you! (I love the outfit you styled for her, too!) that pinafore is so cute, and layering it over the blouse looks so good!

  6. What a cute idea and name for a project! I love what she put together for you, I see both of your styles reflected in this look :)


  7. She did such a good job of styling you! It feels very Braided Bandit. And what a fun project/collaboration idea :D

  8. This is such a fun collaboration idea, and it must've been fun to pick out each others outfits! She totally nailed your style- love the layers!

  9. Ahhh Miss Hannah, these photos are absolutely gorgeous! And you are lookin' quite in step with nature in your fall-inspired ensemble. I love that jumper/dress/awesome floral garb you're workin'. KEEP ON, GIRLFRAN.

  10. What a cool idea for a collab! I love this outfit, the floral and denim combination is perfect.

    xo, Serli

  11. I love this idea, and I LOVE these pictures with the gorgeous foliage! I feel like I get lost on blogs for hours looking through people's closets for fun, so I'm sure you enjoyed this. Hannah did great! I think the denim makes the dress look a bit more modern.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  12. oh that is a fun project indeed! and Hannah got Hannah's style spot on too : ). i'm totally loving this whole outfit and always love that vintage dress.