Taormina Villa (Sicily Travel Journal Pt. 1)

Hi Friends,
Back from vacation now, wahhhh!  Had an amazing time exploring Sicily the past two weeks though and thought I would share an outfit and a few photos from the trip.  These were all taken on the grounds of a beautiful villa hotel next to an apartment we were renting in Taormina.  It looked so pretty at dusk it was like a fairytale.

Anyway, back to the real world now.  I am about to crawl in bed and its not even 7pm yet, but an 8 hour time difference will do that to you!  Work should be interesting in the morning... What have you guys been up to?!
xo Hannah


  1. Your travel photographs always leave me envious! It's been ages since I've been far from my home. I dream of a tropical sunset and a long break from routine.

    Your outfit is perfect for the atmosphere! I want to find a pair of sandals like that....<3

  2. Ah! Sicily seems gorgeous!!! (And the dress seems to fit right in!)

  3. Beautiful photos and what a fun outfit! XO

  4. That is a gorgeous dress! It suits the views perfectly, thanks for sharing these lovely photos :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  5. Oh how lovely Villa!! I loved watching pictures of this villa. The outside views are just mind-blowing. I also have desire to explore the popular historical LA event venues with my family. I might plan our family trip to LA soon.