Punkin Chunkin

This past weekend R and I headed down towards Denver to go to an event called Punkin Chunkin.  Basically, people build their own catapults and its a big festival and contest to see who can launch a pumpkin the furthest! In typical fashion, we got there super late and only caught the last launch, but it happened to be the winning one so there's that! We did however manage to shovel huge pizzas, a beer, and some sort of ginormous captain crunch rice crispy bar in our mouths though.
 Outfit Details: Jacket, Shoes & Bag - vintage // Blouse -c/o August Wrinkle // Sweater - thrifted // Leggings- Marshalls // Sunnies - c/o Oasap // Socks - Target

Anyway, since it was outdoors and in a big grassy field I knew that I wanted to be comfortable more than anything else! I will be listing this cute vintage coat in the shop soon, but of course needed to test it out myself first ;)  The leaves around here have been stunning this past week and I am trying to really appreciate them while they last!  In the next few weeks I will probably have to dig out my down parka from under my bed, and then there's no going back!  I will live in it all winter.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!
xo Hannah


  1. Whaaaat! A pumpkin launching contest?! That sounds absolutely terrifying and rad at the same time. Dude. Awesome.

    I love that plaid overcoat of yours--it looks absolutely cozy! And look at all the beautiful autumn colors around you. :D! Eeep!

  2. Oh it is so gorgeous there! Our leaves haven't changed just yet here in my little corner of Missouri. Sad! I'm always late for things too! I can't escape it for some reason.

    Xoxo Rosie!

    1. Thanks Rosie! I'm glad someone else is late along with me & hope you get your pretty leaves soon! :)

  3. That event sounds so neat, I've never heard of anything like that before. Your photos of the leaves and trees are so picturesque! A large majority of the trees in our city were attacked by a bug, so the trees aren't as full as they should be - like the trees in your pictures!

  4. That pumpkin launching contest sounds like so much fun, I really need to do some fall activities this weekend!!
    Love this casual look that coat is amazing! It looks great with your cozy sweater

  5. Wow, that collar is so lovely! I hope it doesn't scratch? And I like the color of the sunglasses with the rest of the outfit as well.

  6. Hahah BOO for arriving so late! And we had the SAME THING in Seattle a few weeks ago- but we couldn't go because we don't have a car and it was in some suburb :( Also, LOVE this outfit- your sunnies totally made it!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. Those trees! The colors are so amazing. And I love your outfit. Looks so cozy yet very polished. That jacket is such a great find. Sounds like a fun event too.

  8. Hannah, I love this shoot so much! It's fall perfection. You seriously look so cute!

  9. This sounds like such a fun fall festival. I love your plaid jacket!

    Xo, Hannah


  10. These are such gorgeous photos! Sounds like a fun festival and your comfy look sure is cute!

  11. looks like a fun day, even if you did miss most of the pumpkin launching. and i love your sparkly collar!

    little henry lee

  12. lovely fall look!


  13. yay fall leaves! and pizza + beer = no point in being early :). sounds like a fun spectacle though. love your big beautiful smile Hanny Bannany (that's a palindrome too right?). and i love this androg school kinda ivy league to me look! also i swear i am sober... my comments are just weird tonight since i'm so behind on your blog : ).
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda