Just stopping in with a little outfit that I wore to Oktoberfest this weekend.  Mustard yellow has got to be one of the best colors for fall there is!
Outfit Details: Dress - Vintage, for sale in the shop here! // Sunnies- Lulu*s // Shoes - vintage

I pinned my hair up in braids, but ended up taking them down before I actually got there.  Besides the performers, I'd say I was definitely the most "festively" dressed one there! I tried to make R wear red suspenders in place of  German Lederhosen but he wasn't buying it. A few of the local breweries came out and we got to try some new beers and R and I split a huge buttery soft pretzel, yum! The air was crisp, the sun was shining, bad polka music was playing, and there were boisterous beer chants spreading throughout the crowd.  I kind of wish Oktoberfest was every weekend.
     Hope you're having a wonderful week, and make sure to check out what's new in the shop, this mustard dress included!
xo Hannah
p.s. I am posting over on the Flock Together Blog today and would love if you stopped by to say hello!


  1. i love that dress! def checking out the shop! Hope you had an awesome time!

  2. hahah how awesome would it be if oktoberfest would be every weekend? but then it'd be inappropriate to drink margaritas, so maybe not. i retract that statement! and R totally should have worn red suspenders- that was an AWESOME idea.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. Oh man, how cute are your milk braids?! Aaah, they look perfect with that yellow. I hope you had an amazing hump day, dear! I hav ebeen so awful with commenting on blogs.

  4. This dress is so pretty and I LOVE your hairstyle! You should do a tutorial!

    Xo, Hannah


  5. You look so beautiful in this colour and your hair style is so perfectly beautiful.

  6. It somehow always make me laugh a little when seing that the whole world is celebrating Oktoberfest... I am German and I've never been to one. But I guess they are more fun in other parts of the world then they are in Germany ;)
    Lots of love!

  7. YAY for Oktoberfest! You certianly look the part of a fall-loving lady with the mustard color and the maiden-braids. Love it.

  8. Oktoberfest sounds wonderful, I hope I get to go the one in my city. Your outfit is fall perfection and I love your milkmaid braids!

  9. Aww your outfit is perfect for Oktoberfest! You look lovely!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  10. oh my, you are a cutie!! look at that gorgeous dress! and those braids! it all looks lovely tied together with the background.


  11. You look like Lolita in October colors--j'adore!

  12. Aw - sounds like my kind of time! I always love your Heidi-esque surroundings and you definitely remind me of Heidi here :-) The hair and the dress both perfection to say the least. Have a wonderful week too Hannah!!

  13. Sounds so fun and I love how you dressed in an Oktoberfest inspired look! If only those red suspenders were worn... ;) Mustard is the best color for fall- I agree!

  14. This dress is so lovely and festive! I love this shade of yellow on you. Psh, R was missing out. I'm sure he regrets it haha.

  15. sounds like such an amazingly fun October fest! ours is not that exciting. also whoa... this landscape looks extra beautiful here, and i'm always amazed as it is. also this dress really is perfect for fall! Silly R, you should've said no suspenders, no pretzel!
    Cuddly Cacti
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