Army Green

Just a low key outfit I wore the other weekend.  I was feeling the outfit was a little bland for a blog post so I grabbed the army print Hawaii hat off R's head to make things a little more interesting.  Okay, it was actually his idea.  He is king of baseball hats (and has quite the impressive sneaker collection too!)  We made a special visit to Honolulu last year when we were in Hawaii just so R could check out the Fitted store, which is the company who makes the hat. He had been following their designs online for awhile so it was exciting to be able to visit the teeny little boutique in person!
Outfit Details:Boots - Vintage, for sale in shop here! Chambray Blouse - c/o American Apparel // Jacket - thrifted // Jeans - T.J. Maxx // Hat - Fitted

Anyway, its shaping up to be another long Monday.  Since it has been getting darker earlier, I am trying to re-arrange my work schedule a bit so I can do shop work beforehand in the morning and then work later.  I can come and go as I please at the office, which is basically the best part of my job, but since I still need forty hours a week I usually stick pretty close to the 9 to 5 regime.  Its really nice to be able to change things up if need be, but doing shop work followed by eight hours in the office makes for a long day! Getting outfit photos for the blog is a whole other story but its something that always goes hand in hand with the changing seasons and somehow it all ends up working out!
     This weekend we went to the movies to see the racecar movie Rush (it was good!) on Friday and went to a little local Okotberfest on Saturday.  Beer, soft pretzels, and bad polka music, seriously you can't beat it!
Have a good start to your week!
xo Hannah


  1. Sounds like your weekend was excellent! That hat looks great on you--maybe you should steal it for keeps ;P I like the contrast between the very modern hat and the very vintage boots, with neutral pieces in between.

  2. solid outfit! I love it. And the hat is awesome :)

  3. Your baseball hat is awesome! I always love your pictures. Have a nice week.

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  4. This is the most perfect casual look! I love seeing you in pants, I have some similar pieces so I'm definitely going to be copying this ;) Also, you look great in that hat.
    Beer and pretzels sounds like the perfect combo

  5. Oktoberfest sounds fun! Also- I know this is weird to say since you have a hat on, but your hair is looking so pretty here.

  6. I am in love with those boots! I cannot get over how amazing this entire outfit is!

  7. Your outfit totally matches your surroundings, it makes the picture look very neat indeed! I really like your relaxed look, those lace-up boots are amazing and you look super cute in that baseball cap!

  8. Nice jacket!

    Christina Klein

  9. I totally would have been fooled that you planned the cap as part of this look! It looks so perfect. You can pull of baseball caps like no one, you look awesome. Love the chambray + military jacket + boots combo too - SO cute.

  10. Loving the double denim with the olive jacket! So cute!
    Sincerely, Sara

  11. I love nothing more than soft pretzels- it was all I ate in Germany. Sounds like long days but I admire you putting so much into your shop- one day it will be full time and all be worth it! Love this style, super excited to start wearing my denim shirt again. Funny to hear about R's shoe collection, Brian only has one at a time and wears them until they can't be worn anymore :) Can't wait to see how you style the bird dress!!

  12. super cool hat! funny about his hats and shoes, J couldn't care less about any of that, although suprisingly he has this big belt collection, which is so not him. they're not even cool ones and i'm always unsuccessfully trying to talk him into getting rid of them when i see them in his drawer, which fortunatley isnt often haha. anyway, that's great you can arrange your work schedule! i always get annoyed w/ mine but do have some flexibility if i have an appointment or whatnot so i cant complain. it def is hard to study after a tiring day though & get the shop stuff in shape as i'd like but anyway, and i love the chambray w/ the slacks, not plain at all, but the hat does add a fun touch.
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