Date Night Stripes

Stopping in with an outfit I wore on Friday for a little date night with R.  It was my first day off the Whole30 cleanse and we were excited to be able to go out to eat normally again!  I even donned something form fitting (for me!) instead of my yoga pants and one of R's t shirts that you can usually find me in. 
Outfit Details:
Crop Top - Forever21
Skirt + Shoes -thrifted

We headed out to try a cute little wine bar with small plates and pizzas.  We got some olives to snack on with happy hour beers and then split a margarita and a mushroom pie.  I'd say it was a successful re-initiation into the world of wheat, dairy, sugar, and alcohol, especially since we stopped at the grocery store on the way home and may or may not have gotten cookies and ice cream.  Whoops! We ended the night with Ben and Jerry on the couch watching our new fave show Rita on Netflix.  Have you guys seen it yet?  It's about a badass teacher in Denmark, I highly recommend it!
xo Hannah
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  1. Love the mixing of pattern.



  2. Hahaha, welcome back to that world! I adore your mix of florals and stripes. Haven't heard of that Netflix show before... I'll have to put it on whilst arting!

  3. This is a cute look- great pattern mixing. How do you feel now that you are all through the cleanse?

  4. You look absolutely stunning! I haven't seen Rita yet (not on the Dutch netflix yet) but it sounds great!

  5. very nice look <3


  6. This look is super fresh and am-az-ing! I love the mix of floral and stripes. You look so good girl and I just love the "form fitted" look on you! meow!

  7. Such a fun outfit!!! <3 Kisses from Puerto Rico

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  8. I absolutely love this outfit, it's perfect! You look great! Sounds like a lovely date night.

    ♥ perfectly Priya