The Most Ridiculous Shirt

Hi guys, I hope you had a wonderful 4th!  This is what I donned for America's birthday.  I can't believe I'm actually posting this outfit on my blog. This shirt is half a joke, half really really serious.

I usually try to avoid shopping at Walmart, but it's unfortunately the only store in easy walking distance of our house.  R and I walked there on Friday to grab a few groceries for the weekend when I spotted this gem of a shirt on the rack. You guys. It's a kitten, holding a rocket pop and pinwheel with fireworks in its eyes wearing an uncle sam hat.  You can't really get more patriotic than that.  And it's even made in the good ole U.S.A.  I tried to find a link to it since I know all of you will be just dying to get your hands on one, but I couldn't find it online!  I may or may not have also tied a matching hair bow on my poor cat and made her pose for a picture with me as well (on my insta here).  She was a good sport because treats were involved.

Back to reality and a super busy week tomorrow!
xo Hannah


  1. Haha! Sometimes you need the wacky in your wardrobe. Glad it was a good 4th.

  2. You are so high fashion, Hannah! ;)

    -Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  3. Lol! I love how crazy that top is.... crazy good!!

  4. This is amazing. July 4th is probably the best holiday to get away with the most ridiculous outfit ever! I stayed pretty tame this year, so props to you!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  5. This. This is perfection! I hope that you had a wonderful Fourth!