Pink Parrot

Want to know how to accessorize a jungle dress adorned with pink parrots? Why, with pink hair, pink sunglasses, a pink purse, a pink headband, and pink shoes of course!  Okay, so maybe I went a little bit overboard.

Outfit Details:
Parrot Dress - Vintage (sold out!)
Purse - Vintage (for sale in shop here!)
Pastel Wig - c/o Wigsbuy
Pink Sunnies - c/o Sunglass Warehouse
Shoes - Keds
Headband - vintage

   I am still really loving this wig and not only because its pink, but because I can have my long hair back now whenever I want it!  I also realized I am pretty much completely camouflaged in this dress in my own back yard, especially in that first photo.  Though, I don't think there are any pink parrots in that bush behind me.

Also a new week, and new favorite pair of sunglasses!  These light pink shades from Sunglass Warehouse are amazing, the mirrored lens actually changes color depending on the angle you're looking at them and its my only pair like it.  Now I'm trying to show some self control and not go back and get at least one of the other colors, but the baby blue is calling my name pretty loudly!

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend planned and happy first official day of summer tomorrow!
xo Hannah


  1. Pfffft I don't think you went overboard at all! You and your pink wig are an absolutely delight. :D Aaah is tomorrow the real first day of summer?! That's exciting. Have a good one!

  2. Really love the wig! definitely think baby blue is a good shout

  3. Ah I love the extremely pink get up! It works. Ive never tried a wig but it seems like it would be fun. I recently cut my hair short so I get that the allure in being able to have long hair on a whim again!

    1. Thank you! Yes! It totally lessens the whole "missing you long hair" dilemma!

  4. Totally not overboard at all. I LOVE all the pink, and I would definitely do the same thing! Haha, although I just love sort of... theme dressing, so that might be why. That dress is so cute!

  5. you can never have too much pink! i love the way that you styled this outfit! you look really cute (:

  6. I love the print of that dress, and I think all the pink accessories look fab! Definitely how I would have worn it!

  7. If you hadn't included a pink headband, I would've probably commented to recommend one for you. The look you put together is ultra cute and summery. I wish we could've gotten a better shot of the shoes--they look really cute!


    Another Beautiful Thing

  8. What a fun summer outfit! I'm happy to see the return of the pink wig :) Those Keds are also fantastic - I love the way the orange looks with the parrot dress.


  9. Beautiful dress and love your photos! Happy weekend :)


  10. This look is so cute! I absolutely love the print of your dress and the pink wig is a perfect accessory :)

  11. No freaking way!!! This dress is amazing!!!

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  13. No way did you go overboard- this is tropical perfection! Loving this wig on you, and how fun that you can have long pink hair whenever your heart desires :)