The Novelty of Summer

Hi guys!  I decided to wake up and go on a bike ride exploring my new neighborhood this morning instead of writing a blog post.  Judging from my general improved mood today, I'd say this was a good decision!

Outfit Details:
Dress - borrowed from Sammi
Jelly Sandals - vintage from the shop (sold)
Hat - Brixton
Sunnies - Lulu*s
Scarf - Vintage/ gift

I feel like a broken record whenever I talk about Sammi of The Soubrette Brunette on here, but she seriously is just the sweetest gal with a killer wardrobe!  I borrowed this novelty print dress with vintage cars and records on it, and used R's little Miata as the backdrop for these photos.

Anyway, my to-do list is a million miles long, I want to get so much done!  Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!
xo Hannah


  1. That dress is so perfect! I really love the print and you look so lovely in yellow!


  2. Adorable! It looks like this dress was made for you. I love the car theme and the pops of red!


  3. This is really the cutest dress and you have worn it so perfectly. I love those pleats!

  4. Omg you look amazing. Seriously cute outfit! Sometimes spending a little time outdoors is all ya need - I haven't ridden a bike in forever!


  5. Your legs look like a million bucks and your figure is shown off perfectly (Coco Chanel style- tight enough to show you're a woman; loose enough to show you're a lady). This is just so lovely on you. Plus, love the hat and the hair scarf paired with it.

  6. AHHH that dress is amazing. I love retro prints like that combined with the soft yellow color is amazing. I follow Sammi and I don't blame you her wardrobe is amazing. I can't wait to get my bike from the shop where its getting fixed up and hopefully getting a basket put in front, I feel like there will be many bike riding adventures this summer!

  7. What a lovely yellow dress. Looks so cute on you, especially paired with the red :) And those jelly sandals totally remind me of a pair I had when I was younger.

  8. Yay bike rides! :) and eek such a cute outfit, love the yellow on you. And those shoes are just especially awesome!


  9. Yaaaaaay for early morning bike rides! I do the same thing in the mornings... does that mean we're twinsies?? say yes say yes :D You look absolutely adorable here Hannah and that dress is a winner. Sammi has the cutest dresses doesn't she?!

  10. Ahh this dress seriously looks killer on you. The fit is perfect, and this shade of yellow looks great with your coloring! So glad these Yumi dresses got some love from you <3

    xox Sammi

  11. Everything about this is perfect for summer! That hat is so stinkin' cute! A bike ride to explore sounds so nice right about now.

  12. I LOVE that dress! So adorable!!

  13. Aww that dress seriously is precious. And how do you like the new neighborhood?! Found anything cool yet? Can't wait to hear about it :D

    xo marlen
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  14. Love your dress! Novelty prints are my favorite :)

  15. Love how you styled this dress, and used the hat as an accessory!!

  16. This outfit is so perfect! I love the use of red accessories and a hat to style it.