Betty Draper

Yesterday, the swap group I am a part of called Flock Together did a style challenge post and it was my favorite one yet.  We all styled up outfits inspired by early 60s style from the show Mad Men.  As the show is one of my favorites, I knew immediately I wanted to try to style an outfit inspired by Betty Draper because I love all of the amazing dresses she wears. Let me clarify... Betty Draper in the first 3 seasons, not the more recent Betty Draper, ugh.
Outfit Details: Dress, scarf, shoes, & belt- vintage // Sunglasses - BCBG // Earrings- Forever21

     The best part is I was able to style this all with things I already owned.  I borrowed a vintage dress from my shop and paired it with my most Betty-esque sunglasses and a vintage scarf tied around my neck.  If you would like to see the other gal's Mad Men style, you can see our group post over on the Flock Together blog here!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
xo Hannah


Friday Florals & Vintage Hoarding

Happy Friday!
    Just a quick indoor outfit since it has been such a snowy month.  This is one of my favorite little floral dresses from the shop right now- it even has the sweetest lace peter pan collar but my hair is covering it!  I am probably going to keep this on the short and sweet side because I am feeling a bit under the weather and really just trying to make it until the weekend so I can rest and relax!
Outfit Details:  Navy Dress- vintage- in the shop here! // Bow - c/o American Apparel // Flats- vintage // White Dresses- vintage, NOT for sale in the shop because I am hoarding them     

So here's a little admission.  I think I have a bit of an obsession with cream colored vintage dresses. Whenever I find them, I hang them on my wall to look at instead of listing them in the shop like I am supposed to.  I am getting quite the collection which you probably see popping up in the background of my indoor photos.  I think it would be amazing to do some sort of vintage lookbook for the shop with a solely white collection of dresses and lots of flowers.  That, or I can just hoard them in my room like I am currently doing.  Yup, probably the second option.
Have a great weekend!
xo Hannah


Colors of the Wind

   We are half way to a beautiful weekend! For those of you who follow my on instagram, you have probably been seeing my grumpy blizzard updates as we have gotten a ridiculous amount of snow this month here in Colorado.  I am happy to announce, hopefully without jinxing it, that this weekend will be in the 70s and yesterday was hopefully the last blizzard of the season. Now I am going to go find some wood to knock on.
Outfit Details: Dress- Vintage, in the shop here! // Shoes- c/o American Apparel // 
Necklace- c/o Oasap // Tights- Target // Flower Crown- DIY*
    Anyway, sorry to disappointed anyone who clicked on over thinking this post was going to be about Pocahontas from the title.  It was just really freaking windy, and I was wearing lots of color. That and I love all Disney songs. Looking back on the outfit, I think it looks like I am about to go perform in some sort of ethnic dance recital, am I right?  But no, this was just any old normal weekend day for me!  Most of the photos were unusable since the skirt of my polka dot vintage dress was going rogue Marilyn Monroe on me. So it goes.
Have a great day!
xo Hannah

*p.s. On a completely unrelated note, does anyone get the order of the letters in DIY (DYI?) and FYI (FIY?) mixed up?! I honestly want to know, because I very consciously have to think about it and say the words out loud every time I write them, and want to know if its just me.


Inkkas Handmade Shoes

     Happy Earth Day! A few weeks ago I was browsing Fab.com and came upon perhaps the coolest shoe company I have ever seen called Inkkas Shoes.  I had never heard of them before and was instantly drawn in by the unique and colorful designs, so I decided to further investigate the company and headed on over to their website.  What I found there was so cool and inspiring that I just had to share it with you guys, and I thought Earth Day was the perfect day to share!
    As most of you know who have been following my blog for awhile, my degree is in Environmental Policy.  As much as I love fashion, I equally love supporting important environmental and social causes that I believe in.  When I discover a company that merges those two passions I get pretty seriously excited, and Inkkas shoes does just that. 
 All of their shoes are handmade in South America by South Americans using their colorful traditional textiles.  Not only are the shoes made under the principles of fair trade, but they also donate a portion of all sales back to nonprofit organizations that help South American communities.  More specifically, a whole 10% of every sale goes to an organization called Amazon Watch, a nonprofit organization that works to protect the ecological values of the Amazon rainforest and the communities that live there.
If you are interested in reading a bit more about about the company and the work they do helping the environment and communities of the Amazon, you can find more information and pictures on their blog. With warm weather hopefully here to stay in Colorado soon, a pair of these fun and colorful sneakers are on the top of my wish list right now.  You can see all of the different color and print options here, I have been scrolling through them for a few weeks now trying to decide which I like best!
If you do end up checking out their site, I would love to hear which pair is your favorite! I think mine has to be the "Mango" low tops above, but I would love to get your opinions too!  I am picturing them with a simple white sundress and some bangles.  I would love to start featuring some more environmentally and socially conscious fashion finds on the blog more often if thats something you guys would be interested in.
Hope you all had a great weekend!
xo Hannah


Hump-day Shlump-day

Sometimes I think Wednesdays are the most difficult days to write posts for.  I usually stare at my cursor blinking on the white screen and rack my tired, mid-week, brain for a small shred of inspiration to share with you all.  On Mondays, you can regal in fun weekend memories, and on Fridays you always have something to look forward to, even if that something is doing nothing.  I think Wednesdays are just for trying to keep your chin up and head above water.
Outfit Details: Blouse - borrowed from Dusana // Boyfriend Jeans- Volcom // Hat- Target //  
Booties- Blowfish // Wooden Bracelets - gift from Salvaged Strawberry //  
Butterfly Bangle - InPink // Ring- c/o OASAP / Purse- Vintage

    As I vowed a few weekend ago to start sharing some more of my casual outfits, I am trying to deliver on that promise, and I have to admit I am enjoying it more than I thought! I think I am trying to redefine what I view as a "blog-worthy" outfit.  I am slowly learning that it is not about how many accessories you are wearing, how trendy the dress is, or how craftily you are layering prints, but more about having  quality images and just being yourself.  R even said this outfit was one of his favorite outfits of mine, so bring on the ripped boyfriend jeans!
      I borrowed this amazing handmade shirt from Dusana of Cuddly Cacti's beautiful nonprofit shop Mitla Moda.  All of the tops are just perfect for a low key bohemian look and all the sales are for a great cause-what's not to love!  You can see how I styled this shirt a few weeks ago here.  For more swaps and remixes, you can also visit our swap blog Flock Together.
xo Hannah



Good morning,
    Good thing we got in a decently nice weekend because I woke to another cold snowy mess this morning, ugh.  Its days like this I wish I lived in California or Hawaii, but once Spring actually arrives its gorgeous here. Anyway, these were taken this Saturday when R and I went out for a little date night to a new brewery that opened up in town.  There are a bajillion terrific breweries and restaurants around here, so if anyone ever wants any recommendations, let me know! I unfortunately couldn't taste any of the yummy brews since my 30 days of healthy eating challenge doesn't allow alcohol, but the smoked Salmon salad I got was very tasty!  For anyone who loves to read menus like I do, it is called Fate Brewing Company and you can find the menu here!
Outfit Details: Dress, Shirt, Earrings- Forever21 // Shoes- Mojo Moxy via DSW // Jacket - gift
  I wore one of my favorite little red dresses, which surprisingly I don't think has ever made an appearance on the blog before.  This dress has got me through birthdays, friend's weddings, and is so easy to dress up or down for any night out.  The most exciting part, however, is the new pair of shoes I got from DSW the other week! I had some money leftover on a Christmas gift card and used my DSW reward points, so they ended up costing me only a few dollars!  You can find them here if you're interested, and I know they sell them Lulu*s and maybe Modcloth too.  They are going back in the closet this week though until the snow is gone again, harumph.
     Anyway, I hope there is some sunshine wherever you are, and if not, then at least I have someone to commiserate with!  Have a great day!
xo Hannah
p.s. My hair is finally long enough to do my sock bun again! You can see my excitement beaming through in the third to last shot.  It's so big it practically blocks out the mountain scenery.
p.p.s. I am getting to be a super-duper pro at the blogger jump shot.  I am practically levitating in that last one!