Feelin' Fancy Fine

This past weekend brought some Spring-like weather for us here in Colorado, so R and I decided to drive into the mountains a few miles to one of our favorite warm weather parks by a creek.  Our plan was to sit on the little picnic benches eating our packed sandwiches and soaking up some sunshine, but the wind had other plans and actually made it a bit more miserable and chilly than anticipated. I tried to choose a few pictures where my hair wasn't stuck to in my lipstick and my tent dress wasn't plastered to my thighs. So without further adieu, I present to you a cute yet highly impractical outfit for a windy mountain picnic!
Outfit Details: Dress- borrowed from Elana // Shoes- B.A.I.T footwear, via Modcloth // Tights- Target
Purse- thrifted // Scarf- Vintage // Sunnies- c/o American Apparel

     A bit more about what I am wearing.  I borrowed this wonderful dress from Elana of Room 334 and was so excited when she put it up for swapping in our Flock Together group!  Even more exciting is that this dress is the Modcloth namesake dress of Ashley from the blog Fancy Fine.  I absolutely love Ashley's quirky vintage style and her blog was one of the main one's that inspired me to start my own!  So, the t-strap sandals, rust colored tights, and floral tapestry bag are a little ode to Fancy Fine! You can see how Elana styled the dress on her blog here, and if you are interested in seeing more swaps and remixes, make sure to stop by the Flock Together blog!
xo Hannah


  1. Haha--I love that bit about hair getting stuck in your lipstick. Happens to us all! Especially those glossy lip balms... man, they're pretty, but if there's even the slightest breeze...

    I really love this location. The weather looks so super perfect. :D This entire outfit is just flawless. I love how your bag brings all the colors together, and how you're wearing red and green without looking like Christmas. They're muted ever so slightly and it's so nice!

    Also, I spy two dudes in your last picture, ehehe.

  2. LOVELY photos. I wish I could pick up and go to the mountains whenever I wanted. It was rather windy in Kansas this past weekend, too. I blame Colorady ;) You look very pretty by the way. Adore that purse!

    The Nautical Owl
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  3. I love the bohemian vibe from this. And that green and burnt orange combo is one I never would have thought of, but it seems so right and natural how you wear it!

  4. I just love the color of your tights, they are so fun. You look SO pretty. Love that picture of you hiding, adorable!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Love the color of your tights, perfectly matched to shoes. I also like the headband. You look very nice.


  6. Shoes - perfect, purse - perfect grandma touch, and dress, just lovely. And that background - puffy clouds, mountains, and blue skies - I'm dying.

  7. That bow is sooo super cute! Love it. And the tights are perfect :)

  8. you look awesome! love the photos!
    Emma xx

  9. you look so lovely! i love every lil part of your outfit and to be honest I can't decide which one is my favourite cus every thing is so lovely !!!!
    you rock the world, lil princess <3

  10. Oh wow, this looks so cute on you, Hannah! I especially love it with these shoes (I'm so in love with those)! And this location is gorgeous. This is all just perfect, perfect, perfect.

  11. A picnic! I looove picnics, this sounds like so much fun and you look absolutely wonderful. This dress is fantastic and those coloured tights are such a great pop. The wind is the greatest nemesis to a fashion blogger!

  12. You look so cute! Love the dress, love the shoes, love the bag, love the scenery...LOVE!

    The Other Side of Gray

  13. Well hello beautiful! I love that dress with the cute bow. And that scenery is spectacular!! Glad to hear you are enjoying the sunshine :) xo

  14. Such a cute outfit post. I adore the colour of your tights and the 4th shot is simply the best, haha. :-) /Madison

  15. This is beyond adorable-- you look like you belong in a ModCloth catalogue :)
    xx, Emily

  16. love this look!! the tights are perfect! and i adore the bag!! so vintage darling and chic!! :D btw, i adore your background!!

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  17. Gosh, you're always so darling. This dress is so wonderful on you and I just love how you styled it. Those shoes!!! I have a bit of shoe envy for those right now. What a perfect color and style. Ugh, I know, the wind right? I hate it when my dresses become suctioned to my legs! Just not flattering. These shots look great though :)

  18. Such an adorable look for the picnic!!! These colors and floral prints really make this outfit look whimsical and warm!

  19. i love that dress! and i love that it's ashley's! she is one of the main bloggers that made me want to start a blog too!

    lindsey louise


  20. love the mix of colours and your bag is gorgeous! I am thinking of getting some Bait shoes how do you find they run big, small, true to size?

    thanks xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

    1. Hi Ilana, thank you! This is my first pair and they fit me very true to size and are comfortable! :)

  21. Cute and impractical - a true fashion blogger outfit ;) Haha!
    Gorgeous setting and outfit girl. I love these photos - especially the one of you peeking over the bench! Too cute <3

    Trendy Teal

  22. I love these photos and how you wore this dress! Also love those two random dudes taking a hike in the background.


  23. What a beautiful spread! It's funny to hear about the "behind the scenes" happenings of what looks to be beautiful and relaxing setting... when in reality you were freezing your butt off! ha! New follower here!

  24. love the dress and how you match it!
    great scenery too
    i have just followed your blog
    follow mine if you like it <3
    style frontier

  25. That bow dress is so pretty and I love the floral canvas bag! hahahahah and that fourth picture is my absolute favorite, you look so sneaky :P

  26. Darling, these pictures turned out SOOO cute! I love the bow dress with the orange tights and green shoes! The floral bag ties everything together!

  27. wow this is so cute! i love the backdrop too! thanks so much for stopping by my blog! now following u on all platforms! hope u will follow back :)

    XO Meghan

  28. Hattitude Style Blog
    SOOO cute. i love love love your bag with the shoes, the wedges and tights hannah! adorable.
    also love that you two went on a picnic. i'm dying to go on one with tristan but it's suppose to snow this weekend! I wish spring would hurry up and get here!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  29. Loving this fun dress and tights! And love those shoes! You picked great colors to go together and you look so cute in them! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

  30. So pretty. I love many aspects of this outfit but my favourite is how the beautiful colours look together.

  31. Hannah! I love this outfit so much! I'm glad you got some spring weather, even if it didn't cooperate with your picnic plans :) You look beautiful!

  32. ah girl i LOVE the neutral w/ the orange tights & the upholstery bag nails it on the head! if u can say that about an outfit... haha. I LOVE the scenery here, looks perfect for a picnic, bummer about the weather though. & you'll have to keep a few of the liptick plastered for a blooper post : )

  33. Haha before I even read the blurb I was thinking that this outfit reminded me of Fancy Fine a bit! It is super cute, I love the red tights and they make me want to branch out a little from my standard black ones.