A Picnic Dress

Colorado was graced with a gorgeous warm and sunny weekend, a little preview to what will hopefully soon become the norm around here.  Sunday was one of those bright blue Colorado days where it was just great to just be outside, and a yummy Easter brunch, a round of mini golf, and way too much chocolate certainly didn't hurt either!  How was you weekend?
Outfit Details: Dress- c/o eShakti (similar) // Booties - Blowfish // Necklace- gift (old) // Floral Crown - DIY

     This dress from eShakti makes me so excited for spring and summer picnics by the creek.  At first when chose it I thought it was white and green gingham, but it turns out its light pink and green- even better because it reminds me of watermelon! Since you can customize the clothing from eShakti, I chose to add little sleeves to my dress, a scoop neck, and shorten the hem a bit, and it fits me like a glove! Once again, I could not be happier with the quality pieces and the customizable options that eShakti offers.
     The flower crown is one I made a few weeks ago for Spring, but the size of the flowers is a bit intimidating for me to actually wear out in public!  Also, for the month of April I am doing a 30 day healthy eating challenge which I am actually kind of excited to start! I probably won't be talking about it much on the blog, but if you have any questions about what I am doing, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message! That said, I made sure to shovel almost every single piece of Easter candy in my mouth last night so I wouldn't have any tempting tidbits laying around my room!
    Hope everyone's having a great start to the week!
xo Hannah
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  1. That dress is precious! I love that it looks like a picnic blanket with a twist (because it's green!).

    You look lovely. I'm glad to hear you had a nice Easter.

  2. Pretty flower headband! I love the flower headband look but I don't know what to wear it


  3. Wow, I love your dress and the one on the wall! Too cute, girl!

    I'm also trying to eat healthier in April by cutting out pop and doing a mile jog every day! I've been carrying extra weight in my mid section and instead of just complaining about it, I'm going to be proactive!

    Good luck with your challenge! Hopefully we can get to the end of the month with success!


    1. Good luck with your healthy eating as well! We should definitely compare notes along the way :)

  4. Ahhh i love the dress you picked, totally picnic appropriate. That's awesome that we both chose green gingham, definitely perfect for summer!!
    Good luck with your challenge, that's awesome! I have been indulging a bit more lately because of my holiday and need to get back at it

  5. Mini-golf, blue skies, and chocolate sounds PERFECT. :) I spent most of the weekend thrifting which was equally amazing. :) Love your new dress - perfect picnic dress. :) Have a great day dear!

  6. I reallyyy love this dress on you! It is cute that it's that pale pink and green - I didn't see it at first until you said that either! The floral crown is so cute with it - they are so adorable on you

  7. omg your dress is so cool! love it! really really like it! :) what do you think about follow each other on bloglovin'?

    i'm loving your blog!
    much love,

  8. I absolutely adore your dress! It's so gorgeous! I can't wait for picnics! <3

  9. What a darling dress! Definitely perfect for spring/summer ahead, and it looks just amazing on you. Love this picture taking spot too-what a cool floor! Just my style :)

  10. I love that necklace, and those striped pillows!


  11. That dress is way too lovely! It really fits you perfectly, and I love the gingham pattern. And it's green, which is just perfect for spring. There just aren't enough green dresses in this world!

    That necklace is so pretty. I could stare at it for ages. :)

  12. I love this dress, and I think it's even better with the pale pink. I love that cut, although sleeves+me+PHX temps are usually a fail. Your flower crown is so pretty and looks perfect for this dress. I actually spent the weekend in Tucson for a wedding, hanging out with my friends down from Fort Collins :)

  13. I looove gingham for spring, and I love the light pink and green! The flower crown looks lovely on you, though I'd probably feel just as intimidated to wear it out in public. :)

    xox Sammi

  14. The dress is super cute! I'm exited about your 30 days healthy eating thing! What exactly will it be like? I have this thing that I don't eat any sugar each year in october and november, so this is my yearly healthy eating thing. Let me know what yours is :)


  15. Wait, its light pink and green? I thought it was white and green too! Haha, ah well, either way its lovely and I adore how you paired a floral crown with it ;)

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  16. An adorable dress; I love that this company really allows you customize.

  17. you picked such a cute dress from them!!! it really does fit you perfectly. good call on getting those customizations--I think it suits you well. also: i love the oversized gingham print! :)

    erica | sweets + hearts

  18. Oh my, I love this dress even more after seeing the full size photos of it...and I was already smitten, as you know :-) I also LOVE your floral crown and little boots with it...so perfect! I'm so ready for the spring/summer/picnicking weather to be here already! Can you believe it's still lingering in the 30s where I live?

    Other than the fine arts festival I was at all week - my family came up to my place and we celebrated Easter together, which was also lovely.

    Have a gorgeous week Hannah!!!

  19. I am totally in love with your floral crown. Isn't it the loveliest and the most romantic thing ever?
    Love it!

    Dress To Cook Blog

  20. ohh that dress is so cute! i love anything gingham but that's so sweet that it's actually pale pink with green, it looks lovely with your flower crown.

    little henry lee

  21. You pull off this dress so well!
    If I would it I think I would look like a picnic potato sack, haha!


  22. wonderful green ! suits to you hair and skin :>!! like you style so much, it is very special and unique :>
    thanks for your lipstick - tip :> maybe i can order it, even if twilight is over ;> !!
    wish u a nice day.

  23. you look so cute, xoxo

    love, Yulia

  24. Wow this is such a picnic dress! Love it!


  25. shovel the last bit of chocolate in your face haha you are the funniest! but really, i would LOVE to hear about your 30 day cleanse, i think that'd be a great topic to talk about in any post really, could even be amidst an outfit post. but anyway, I love this dress on you, good call w/ the scoop neck & sleeves and i also love the flower crown you made! i wouldnt wear it to my office job but i DEF think you should wear it everywhere else in public.