Good morning,
    Good thing we got in a decently nice weekend because I woke to another cold snowy mess this morning, ugh.  Its days like this I wish I lived in California or Hawaii, but once Spring actually arrives its gorgeous here. Anyway, these were taken this Saturday when R and I went out for a little date night to a new brewery that opened up in town.  There are a bajillion terrific breweries and restaurants around here, so if anyone ever wants any recommendations, let me know! I unfortunately couldn't taste any of the yummy brews since my 30 days of healthy eating challenge doesn't allow alcohol, but the smoked Salmon salad I got was very tasty!  For anyone who loves to read menus like I do, it is called Fate Brewing Company and you can find the menu here!
Outfit Details: Dress, Shirt, Earrings- Forever21 // Shoes- Mojo Moxy via DSW // Jacket - gift
  I wore one of my favorite little red dresses, which surprisingly I don't think has ever made an appearance on the blog before.  This dress has got me through birthdays, friend's weddings, and is so easy to dress up or down for any night out.  The most exciting part, however, is the new pair of shoes I got from DSW the other week! I had some money leftover on a Christmas gift card and used my DSW reward points, so they ended up costing me only a few dollars!  You can find them here if you're interested, and I know they sell them Lulu*s and maybe Modcloth too.  They are going back in the closet this week though until the snow is gone again, harumph.
     Anyway, I hope there is some sunshine wherever you are, and if not, then at least I have someone to commiserate with!  Have a great day!
xo Hannah
p.s. My hair is finally long enough to do my sock bun again! You can see my excitement beaming through in the third to last shot.  It's so big it practically blocks out the mountain scenery.
p.p.s. I am getting to be a super-duper pro at the blogger jump shot.  I am practically levitating in that last one!


  1. Isn't it funny how some of the things we wear so frequently never show up on our blog? Sometimes I feel like I have certain blog specific items that must be worn if I'm doing an outfit post... ha! Silly how our minds work like that.

    But I'm getting away from the point--your red dress is so cute, and well, I can't believe such a pretty colored garment hasn't made an appearance on here yet. I also just love your bun! It's so perfect. Not a hair out of place. :)

  2. I love this dress, I can see why it's pone of your favourites!! That's so funny that it's never made it to the blog, that happens to me when I have birthdays/events to go to, I don't always get to capture my outfit!
    I love the pairing of the red and mint, those shoes are so wonderful! And your jumping picture is so pro!

  3. I love those mint shoes...they are the cutest!

  4. I love the orange/mint combo! I wish I lived by the mountains some days. All of your photos are quite breath-taking. Thanks for sharing.

    The Nautical Owl

  5. I love DSW for shoes! I always find great deals! The mint + red color combo is fun too!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  6. LOVE this outfit and those shoes are SO adorable! You look great in a topknot too, dear!


  7. I love the pop of mint! It's such a perfect spring colour.

  8. one of my favorite outfilts! the top knot looks great :)

  9. Yipppeee for sock buns! I love these shoes and it's soooo awesome you only paid a few buckaroos. Love this look and you look so happy!
    nothing but a pigeon

  10. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, it made my day!
    I also really like your outfit here, it suits you so well! That red dress is super cute and I die over your pretty mint shoes!

    Have a great day,

  11. Love the dress and your pretty hairstyle.


  12. This dress is too cute, Hannah! I can completely see why you wear it all the time. I just love you in red. And man, I am drooling over those shoes. Hooray for a sock bun AND a jump!

  13. Such a great outfit! Cute shots.

  14. you have the most perfect bun and cutest shoes! i saw those on modcloth and i was debating whether to get them. you look loely as usual!!!

  15. pretty!

    p.s. I'm having a Bonlook sunglasses giveaway if you'd like to check it out!
    devorelebeaumonstre.com xx

  16. haven't tried Fate, but it looks lovely! Next time I recommend West Flanders on Pearl for some wonderful Belgian styled ales!

    Annnd, love your mint shoes!

    1. Thanks Bridget! We were actually choosing between trying out Fate and West Flanders! I want to go try it next month when I am not doing my "healthy eating" challenge and can actually try the delicious brews! :)

  17. those shoes those shoes those shoes! so so SO cute. I also love the bright red. this inspires me to wear louder colors!!! and yes, move to California :) :) the weather is great hehe.

  18. I think its time I did a sock bun style on the blog...haha, I love this top knot! Great colored dress too :)

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    Trendy Teal

  19. I love these colours together, what an amazing combination. Fabulous hair style too.

  20. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well :(
    The dress is amazing! Love it! And the hair bun!

  21. you are very cute. I loved your shoes!
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)

  22. i love the little bows on that dress, it's so cute! and i love the minty shoes as well, they're gorgeous! hopefully the snow melts and you can wear them again soon.

    little henry lee

  23. Your hair looks awesome! And so does your little dress. I also have those pieces that I wear all the time but somehow they never made it on my blog until now...
    Happy wednesday!


  24. The weather has been so all-ove the place. It has just been plain icky the last few says, with yesterday being especially dreary and unpleasant, but the sun is back today. And you're right- when spring/summer finally arrives to Northern CO it is GORGEOUS.

    Loving the way you layered here to give the dress just a hint of mint- a surprising but really great color combination. Also, you are so cute in your bun!

  25. I can't express my love for this enough!! I love mint and red together and the black really makes the colors pop! Those shoes, are you kidding me?? ADORABLE. Love this combo, lady!

  26. you are such a cutie! I always love your jumping pics. and i never in a million years would've thought to pair mint and red but you look great! love how you tied it together w/ the undershirt too & way to go on your clean eating challenge even at a brewery!