The Denim Desert

Happy Friday!
      No seriously, I am SO HAPPY its Friday!  And next week is the fourth, which means a day off smack dab in the middle of the week, which should be wonderful! I don't have any really exciting weekend plans but I do plan to hide at R's for most of the weekend so I can be in the air conditioning so I can spend quality time with him!  No seriously he has been pretty amazing this week, he helped me design all new business cards and other goodies for my vintage shop, which I will share with you guys soon!  They are so pretty and professional looking, and now I won't have to hand-make all the packaging supplies when I ship out an order like I have been doing for the past year!

Outfit Details:
Dress: thrifted/ H&M
Head Scarf: thrifted/ vintage
Heels: thrifted/ Bandolinos
Bracelets: vintage
Purse: My mom's from the 70s
     So, I now know the wonders of the "magic hour" for photography.  These were shot a little after 7pm and the lighting was so perfect.  I usually have to edit the lighting and contrast in my photos to make them look better, and these are pretty much as is!  I have been living in simple dresses almost every day because it's too hot for much of anything else and this simple H&M denim one I thrifted recently has been a favorite.
    Oh how could I forget, I forgot to ramble on about the weather in the beginning of the post! Wouldn't want to disappoint any of my readers so I will tell you about it now.  Actually though, the weather in Colorado has been insane! It is so hot and dry that we have been getting lightning in the evenings, which has been causing terrible wildfires all over the state.  For example, yesterday started with dry heat in the mid 90s, then turned into a torrential  downpour, shortly followed by a hail storm which ended with more lightning and more fires.  It has been pretty scary!  Are any of you having crazy weather where you are?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
xo Hannah


Insta Life {3rd Edition}

Hi Guys.  Is it ridiculously hot where you are? I am sorry for going straight to the weather, but its really I can think about these days! I love summer, but it has been in the high 90s and has even broken 100 multiple days for two weeks straight now, and there's no sign of it letting up.  Last summer I lived in the basement room in a house so it remained cool, but this summer, I live on the top floor of a different house.  I absolutely love my house and my room, it is bright and full of sunshine, but is also like a greenhouse and we do not have air conditioning.  So, that is my excuse for the lack of outfit posts! It is too hot to be outside for too long, and I am not wearing anything very special, as coolness and comfort are key!  Here is what I have been loving: iced lattes, an icy cold beer, froyo froyo froyo, and re-watching lost with R in his air conditioned basement.  Yup, that pretty much sums up life lately! 
iced coffee on a hot sunny saturday in Boulder // an awesome Maplteon hill front porch // earth tones and cute sandals my mom sent me // bow earrings from Romwe // polka dot shirt available in the shop // pretty scalloped shingles // froyo froyo and more froyo // deliciously fresh tacos from a new taco place

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So, what are your favorite ways to beat the heat? I would love to know!
xo Hannah


Airplanes and Grassy Plains

It is Friday, hooray! I started off my morning with a nice large cup of coffee from my favorite local coffee shop here in Boulder called Ozo.  I had my namesake coffee called the "Hannah Bee", which is a mocha with hints of vanilla and honey in it.  They have a specialty Mocha list and everything I have tried on it is wonderful.  They have a Mayan mocha which has cocoa nibs and some sort of chipotle spice, a red velvet mocha with raspberries, and so many more unique and delicious creations. I hate the coffee at work, but would be even more broke if I got coffee out every day.  So, I usually only allow myself a special cup on Fridays as something to look forward to at the end of the long week.  Do you make special days for certain things so you have something to look forward to or as a way to budget money better?
Outfit Details:
Shorts: thrifted/ altered
Wedges: thrifted
Bow Earrings: Romwe
Glasses: Ray Ban

    So, these pictures were taken last weekend.  I just got in my car and drove for a few minutes away from town and ended up by the tiny Boulder airport which had some sort of glider show going on.  It was amazing!  I found a little grassy prairie at the end of a little residential area and tried to time my tripod to catch pictures of the planes that were taking off every five minutes or so.  It was kind of a trying process, but it was beautiful and interesting to watch either way! 
    I am wearing the prettiest baby blue vintage blouse with a perfect little lace collar that is now available in my shop.  The shorts I am wearing I thrifted a few months ago, but they were almost knee length and got buried in my endless alterations pile.  I finally got around to them last weekend and I love them now! They are slightly high waisted, have large ruched pockets, a tiny polka dot print, and a huge bow.  Oh and the best part- the back of the waist is elastic, so it gives a tiny bit of breathing room unlike other high waisted denim that I have- I love the way it looks, but man oh man, I want to tear those things off (or at least unbutton the top button) within an hour of putting them on!  
     I am also wearing my glasses in a few photos, since I don't think they have ever made an appearance on here before! I usually only wear them for driving at night or going to the movies, but I brought them so I could see the planes better.  Also, thank you for all of your kind words about my training at work, it has been going well! You guys are the best! Any fun plans for the weekend? I want to hear about them!
xo Hannah


Railroad Tracks at Sunset

Happy Monday (maybe).  I have to keep this short and sweet because I am being trained for something new at work today.  I am happy for the change I think, but learning a new job is always a little bit daunting.  I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine centered mainly around delicious food, with some shop work and relaxing mixed in.  Yesterday I had pineapple upside-down cake pancakes, which were the biggest
pancakes I have ever seen. So good! 

Outfit Details:
Purse: Vintage/ thrifted
Earrings: Vintage
Belt: Free People, gift
Heels: old- Marshalls maybe?
Necklace: F21

    As for the pictures, I found a nice photo spot on the railroad tracks near my house, so expect to see lots more from this location.  The only hard part of railroad tracks is that if you are shooting on auto with a self timer, the tracks have so much detail that its hard for the camera to know that I should be the thing in focus, but I am going to work on that.  So much more to learn about my camera!  This dress, which is now for sale in my shop, reminds me of day out sailing.  I love the beige and white pinstripes, buttons, and oversized front pockets, it makes me long for the ocean!
     Alright, well wish me luck with my new training at work today and have a great Monday!
xo  Hannah


Summer-Lovin Shop Update

Hey look, I am actually making good on my promise of a shop update this week.  Sometimes I really like writing promises down on the blog because then I feel more pressure to actually do them.  So many pretty pieces in the shop and there's a lot more where that came from! 
{Click the link or the image to be taken directly to the listing!}


 1980s Tulip Sleeve Party Dress // SOLD



   What types of things are you guys shopping for right now?  I know swim wear is obviously big, but is there anything in particular you would like to see more of in the shop?  I tried to figure out some google analytics to see what types of things were bringing people to my blog, thinking things like "fashion" and "vintage" would be high up on the list. Nope. A google image search for "pink elephants" is the number one thing bringing people to me blog right now. Uhm, good to know.
    What are your father's day plans this weekend? My dad lives in New Jersey and I am in Colorado, but I sent him a little homemade something in the mail today.  He is really hard to shop for, but usually likes homemade things, which work well for me, because I love arts and crafts and have no money!  Any family traditions you do every year to celebrate? 
   It's almost the weekend, hooray!
xo Hannah