Insta Life {3rd Edition}

Hi Guys.  Is it ridiculously hot where you are? I am sorry for going straight to the weather, but its really I can think about these days! I love summer, but it has been in the high 90s and has even broken 100 multiple days for two weeks straight now, and there's no sign of it letting up.  Last summer I lived in the basement room in a house so it remained cool, but this summer, I live on the top floor of a different house.  I absolutely love my house and my room, it is bright and full of sunshine, but is also like a greenhouse and we do not have air conditioning.  So, that is my excuse for the lack of outfit posts! It is too hot to be outside for too long, and I am not wearing anything very special, as coolness and comfort are key!  Here is what I have been loving: iced lattes, an icy cold beer, froyo froyo froyo, and re-watching lost with R in his air conditioned basement.  Yup, that pretty much sums up life lately! 
iced coffee on a hot sunny saturday in Boulder // an awesome Maplteon hill front porch // earth tones and cute sandals my mom sent me // bow earrings from Romwe // polka dot shirt available in the shop // pretty scalloped shingles // froyo froyo and more froyo // deliciously fresh tacos from a new taco place

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So, what are your favorite ways to beat the heat? I would love to know!
xo Hannah


  1. um double yes, triple yes to froyo :) and just started following you on instagram! yayay.

  2. i'm right there with you. i finally cracked and splurged on an air conditioner and refuse to be torn away from it haha. but pretty pictures! i especially love that polka dot shirt of yours :)

  3. I feel you on the weather!! My poor sister is on the third floor and her AC broke!! Her baby has to sleep in nothing but a diaper because it is so so hot! THey have been coming over to my house just to cool off! So crazy and to think it is still only June!

  4. you look so adorable w/ your iced coffee & froyo, super cute pics! & those sandals are amazing. wow, no AC w/ big windows sounds pretty awful, I recently had to resort to taping black out fabric over one of ours because the heat was just ridiculous, & we have AC so I know the bill will be off the roof even though we keep it really warm inside. & I feel ya, I actually wrote a mental post excusing my lack of outfit posts to the heat right today! & thanks for your sweet comments about our new kitties, that's awesome you did foster care for them but wasn't it always so sad having to give them up?

  5. I love that little balcony on the mapleton hill house! I don't have a/c either, so I cool down with cool drinks and by sitting on the floor a lot because my suede couch makes me sweat :)


  6. Your life lately looks AWESOME, perfect and positively summery! But yeah, the crazy heat is NO fun! I keep hoping for rain, but no such luck. Luckily we do have A/C in our apartment, but honestly at the rate we've been running it, we're going to have a CRAZY power bill next month! So you'll be in the better position in the long run! ha.
    Good luck keeping cool this week! :)

  7. I wish it was this hot here, all we've had for about two weeks is rain! :( I love the photos though, especially your cute polka dot blouse/pleated skirt combo and the photo of the tacos, they look super good!
    Faye x

  8. It's been all rain where I am sadly... have forgotten what heat feels like! Love the photos...it all looks very relaxing and lovely. The polka dot shirt is super pretty, as are the cute bow earrings. If it was hot here, I would be constantly sipping on iced chai tea lattés :) love your blog, I'm your newest follower.

  9. it's been so hot here too! ugh i can't take it! loving that polka dotted shirt, soooo cute!

  10. Oh gosh the heat has been so bad here...and to think I'm going to be playing in a softball tournament this weekend.

    xo erica

  11. so lovely blog!kisses from Italy