The Denim Desert

Happy Friday!
      No seriously, I am SO HAPPY its Friday!  And next week is the fourth, which means a day off smack dab in the middle of the week, which should be wonderful! I don't have any really exciting weekend plans but I do plan to hide at R's for most of the weekend so I can be in the air conditioning so I can spend quality time with him!  No seriously he has been pretty amazing this week, he helped me design all new business cards and other goodies for my vintage shop, which I will share with you guys soon!  They are so pretty and professional looking, and now I won't have to hand-make all the packaging supplies when I ship out an order like I have been doing for the past year!

Outfit Details:
Dress: thrifted/ H&M
Head Scarf: thrifted/ vintage
Heels: thrifted/ Bandolinos
Bracelets: vintage
Purse: My mom's from the 70s
     So, I now know the wonders of the "magic hour" for photography.  These were shot a little after 7pm and the lighting was so perfect.  I usually have to edit the lighting and contrast in my photos to make them look better, and these are pretty much as is!  I have been living in simple dresses almost every day because it's too hot for much of anything else and this simple H&M denim one I thrifted recently has been a favorite.
    Oh how could I forget, I forgot to ramble on about the weather in the beginning of the post! Wouldn't want to disappoint any of my readers so I will tell you about it now.  Actually though, the weather in Colorado has been insane! It is so hot and dry that we have been getting lightning in the evenings, which has been causing terrible wildfires all over the state.  For example, yesterday started with dry heat in the mid 90s, then turned into a torrential  downpour, shortly followed by a hail storm which ended with more lightning and more fires.  It has been pretty scary!  Are any of you having crazy weather where you are?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
xo Hannah


  1. Love the denim dress! Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. love the photos! your purse is insane!! hope you have a great weekend.

  3. I'm so loving your fringe bag and your bangles, you look great! :)

  4. in love with this outfit! and yes, the weather is ridiculously hot here too. record breaking today- it's killing me.

  5. hah i thought our weather was crazy!! i live in washington and it is pretty tempermental as well, colorado looks beautiful though! all the mountains it is so gorgeous!!!


  6. You look so gorgeous, that scenery is breathtaking, geez!


  7. Such a perfect summer dress! It looks fantastic with that headband :)

  8. Magic/ Golden hour lighting is the best! I always get so bummed if I miss out on snapping a photo during that time of day.

  9. Magic hour is magical indeed:) Though I always seem to miss it just by a few minutes...ha. Gosh I am just in awe of those mountain views Hannah. I am surrounded by mountains where I live too - but they look completely different - still beautiful - but not nearly has wide open. Loving your little headscarf - such a perfect way to top off your denim dress. xx

  10. I love your blog, your beautiful and you look so cute with that outfit!
    Following!! xoxo Patrícia

  11. That purse is so cute! The weather here has been around 100 and just so dry and humid. I hate Louisiana weather.

  12. LOVE these photos!! Newest follower from redrose-vintage.blogspot.com