Summer-Lovin Shop Update

Hey look, I am actually making good on my promise of a shop update this week.  Sometimes I really like writing promises down on the blog because then I feel more pressure to actually do them.  So many pretty pieces in the shop and there's a lot more where that came from! 
{Click the link or the image to be taken directly to the listing!}


 1980s Tulip Sleeve Party Dress // SOLD



   What types of things are you guys shopping for right now?  I know swim wear is obviously big, but is there anything in particular you would like to see more of in the shop?  I tried to figure out some google analytics to see what types of things were bringing people to my blog, thinking things like "fashion" and "vintage" would be high up on the list. Nope. A google image search for "pink elephants" is the number one thing bringing people to me blog right now. Uhm, good to know.
    What are your father's day plans this weekend? My dad lives in New Jersey and I am in Colorado, but I sent him a little homemade something in the mail today.  He is really hard to shop for, but usually likes homemade things, which work well for me, because I love arts and crafts and have no money!  Any family traditions you do every year to celebrate? 
   It's almost the weekend, hooray!
xo Hannah


  1. woah, love that jump suit! and i like how you styled up each one

  2. Ooo, what a pretty pink blouse!

  3. Love the pink lace top and orange polka dot top! Very cute :)

  4. Love your shop! I have contemplated (husband encouragement here) to start my own shop because I find soo many cute things that are too big for me! <3 And I am the worst at getting father's day gifts! Like, what do you get men? haha! Oh gosh, hopefully I'll figure something out. I'm a crafty lady as well (love the commonness here) so I might have to invent something!

  5. I straight up chuckled about the pink elephants thing, I also get weird searches directing traffic to my blog. :P The items you have up there are so cute! I've been recently shopping for pants/shorts and shoes. :)

  6. I really love that drop waisted pleated dress! So ridonkulously cute!! The pink elephants thing made me laugh as well. Oh and how good are blogs as a way of keeping yourself accountable? I think sometimes maybe I overuse my blog for that purpose :P Besides the point - there is so much joy in this one post!! :D Definitely following :D Rhi xx

    PS. Sorry I can't give you any feedback about the shop. I'm on a mad saving mission/all I want right now are warm jackets because it's winter down under!

    The Wildest of Dreams

  7. i love the skirt in the first photo and the floral crop top! fab pieces



  8. So many lovely goodies!! My favorites are the first blouse and tulip sleeve party dress, but I could see myself wearing all of these pieces :] I am really in to anything with cute collars or fun details.

  9. seriously awesome finds here. i think my fav is the jumpsuit!! i wish i could try it on!!!

  10. huge congrats on your sales! you have some lovely things up!! I am not really shopping for anything right now but if I happen to thrift across some flowy cool skirts & sandals I wouldn't complain. also that's awesome you biked to the post office to ship, way to go, that's amazing! I actually didn't mean getting like a full batch of groceries bcuz we have two exchange students so that's far too much food to carry but just little things I forget during the week but conveniently havent fogotten anything haha, biking w/ lots of thigs def is always a challenge.

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