The Double G

Hi guys! It's Friday! I started my day with a free latte and I'm wearing grizzly bear print leggings, so I don't think the day could go too badly.  I have a nice date planned for tonight with my brother (my Brother sewing machine, not my real life brother).  How cool am I on a Friday night?! But actually, I couldn't be more happy about my plans!  I am going to add so many goodies to my shop this weekend, I feel so behind on it and can't wait to get everything back on track.  I am also going to meet a new friend, go to a show with R and some friends from Denver, and catch up on sleep! What do you guys have planned for the weekend?
Outfit Details:
Gingham Dress: Vintage- for sale in the shop here!
Collar- Ampris Loves on Etsy
Hat: Gift
Boots: Marshalls (old)
     In case you were wondering about the post title, The Double G is neither my new rap-superstar name nor a new extra large cup size, but stands for my two favorite things that I am wearing here: Gingham and the color Green!  Was that a let down? Sorry. Anyway, this dark olive color checkered with black is so perfect for fall, especially cozified (I made that word up) with some lined tights and a cardigan.  I am slightly devastated that its already the time of year where I have to throw off my jacket for a minute to snap a few pictures, smile wincingly (I apparently made that word up too, hmm), freeze, and then throw the jacket back on.  Oh well, the weather makes cozy nights in and delicious warm treats even better, so I guess there is always a trade off!
     Also wanted to let you guys know that I was asked by the lovely Dusana to guest post over on her awesome blog Cuddly Cacti today while she is busy with exams!  I am sharing a few pictures and tips on how important it is to include some detail and scenery shots in your outfit posts as well to make it more interesting.  I would love it if you guys stopped by!
Happy Friday!
xo Hannah
p.s Don't forget to head on over to our new collective style blog, Flock Together, to meet all the lovely ladies!


  1. Hello your blog is fantastic.
    You are beautiful.
    I follow you now on GFC!

  2. These are the best kinds of Friday nights. Just add some solo wine, and you're all set.

  3. such a great fall outfit, and I really like that little collar of yours :)

  4. oh darling, you're style is wonderful! i followed you instantly. wonderful outfit here, perfect for fall!

    lindsey louise


  5. Haha your write ups are always so cute.
    And so are your outfits!


  6. What a perfect fall outfit! This necklace looks like it was made for this dress...which looks like it was made for you. I really wish I could pull off adorable hats like you do. And if you ever decide to become a rapper (why wouldn't you?), I vote Double G as your name.

  7. great look and pictures:)) love your hat dearQ keep in touch:)


  8. grizzly bear print leggings?!? those sound amazing! where did you get them? I just love bears!


    1. They are French Connection UK! I actually got them at Sears of all places last year! :)

  9. This dress is so pretty and dates with sewing machines are always the best.

  10. I love those boots! great fall post!

  11. i always love your style! such cute boots xoxo

  12. I love the green and gingham and those boots are awesome! And your Friday night plan actually sounds like a lot of fun, I wish I could sew!

  13. You look so gorgeous in these photos! That dress fits you so well, and the collar necklace is stunning. I thought it was part of the dress at first! What an inspiring fall ensemble-very pretty.

  14. This weekend I had Thanksgiving Gatherings that carried over from last weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving), so of course I ate a lot of food!
    I love your dress, especially paired with the ankle boots!

  15. Love the boots and the pretty dress together, you look gorgeous as usual. Hope you had a wondeful weekend :)

  16. I love these images - where I'm from in Australia we don't get to see the difference in seasons so much, but I think fall is one of my favourites! I love your little shop too :)

  17. These photos are gorgeous and SO fall! I love it! I'm a big fan of making up words too...I did a whole post on that! Ha!

    perfectly priya