Bohemian Rhapsody (Recap)

Hi guys,
   Just wanted to do a little recap in case you missed my post over on the Flock Together blog yesterday, and I added a few different photos as well.  I took more pictures this weekend for both my blog and my shop, but somehow the images got corrupted and all but about 5 turned up as completely black.  I of course had already pressed "delete off of memory card" after it told me that the upload onto my computer was complete, and had no way of retrieving them.  It was a pretty huge bummer.
Outfit Details:
Dress: Borrowed from Elana of Room 334
Sweater, Slip, Boots, & Purse: Vintage/ thrifted
Necklace: Vintage, guft
Bracelets: InPink
     Anyway, as I mentioned on Flock Together, when the lovely  Elana of Room 334 sent me this beautiful dress to style, I immediately knew I wanted to go with a very Free People bohemian vibe.  I added lots of vintage accessories, stood in a favorite field of mine, threw my hair into messy french braids... and here you have it!  The sun had just disappeared for the evening, leaving a soft glow behind.  
     I also would like to say that I hope everyone closer to the East coast is doing okay in hurricane Sandy.  My parents live right on the Jersey shore and haven't had power for a while.  Luckily, they are five blocks inland from the ocean and I don't think the flooding has gotten inside the house much yet, but I know the town's pier and boardwalk are completely destroyed already.  I grew up in a small coastal town slightly north of where they live in now, and I remember being evacuated from my house in a rowboat during the storm of '92! Definitely sending good thoughts towards the East! 
xo Hannah


  1. I love that great sweater! Such great colours. You did a nice job of styling the dress.

  2. Still in love with that outfit :)
    Maybe we can change body for one day- than I could enjoy the beautiful view you are posting on each of your lovely blog posts and you could enjoy a little trip through Germany to the Alps and Berlin ;)

  3. Loving this awesome mix of prints and your vintage-looking jewelry, especially that AH-MAZING sweater!


  4. love the tribal sweater you got on, it looks fab!

  5. oh no!! I'm sorry to hear that about your camera--that's just one of the most awful things that could happen! That happened to me once after I took a set of outfit pictures and I had to take a whole 'nother set. :( I feel your pain!

    On the upside, you're looking quite dashing! All of your accessories are so gorgeous and the colors are just stunning. Seriously, I'm digging this look--and I would love to steal all those pretty bangels from you! ;)

  6. :( your poor parents. i was lucky to leave my city and go west for the bulk of the storm. hope they get power soon!

    and i LOVE LOVE LOVE this sweater and look. it's amazing.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  7. Sorry about you camera. You know how much I love you in this outfit though.

    Hope your family and friend have been in contact and are okay.

  8. So annoying that you lost those photos! Love your outfit: goodness, I just want your wardrobe :) And you always manage to put such gorgeous outfits together so effortlessly. Love the dress and jumper. Glad your parents haven't been affected too badly by Sandy.

  9. I love this bohemian look. It is very "Free People". That is such a pain that your photos were lost - technology - blehhh. I hope your parents have there electricity fixed as soon as possible and I hope the flooding doesn't effect them. The images on the news are just awful :-/

  10. I'm obsessed with your sweater!! Its so perfect. Cute dress too :) I love all your accessories, especially that butterfly bracelet. These are such pretty photos! That's a bummer about losing those photos. I absolutely hate when that happens.

  11. Cute! You look cozy and adorable - love that butterfly bracelet :)

  12. sorry about losing your photos! I just love this outfit, the layers are so wonderful. The sweater and the butterfly bangle are amazing.

  13. Love it <3

    I follow You <3

    If You Want Follow Me <3



  14. who crazy... a rowboat rescued you from that storm, thank god! that must have been a scary experience, for everyone but especially as a little kid. Now it seems so silly commenting about an outfit but I guess I already did on FT.. really love the boho vibe & that white dress under- SUCH a great idea for us (slightly) taller gals in the group! oh & what i do for my blog pictures is copy them onto a folder on my computer & only delete from that folder the ones I don't want to use because I've done some silly croppign or such and messed ones up before but didnt have the original. then after all that I'll go back & delete from the memory card. glad you found them though!