Goldilocks (But No Bears)!

Well, my mini blogging break and cabin weekend are now over and its back to work for me...(booo).  We drove back from Breckenridge early this morning and I dropped my parents at the airport before work.  I am pretty exhausted, but it was an amazing weekend with family and friends so it was well worth it!
Outfit Details:
Dress: Vintage, gift
Shoes: Vintage, thrifted
Tights: Target
     I managed to take a bunch of pictures and I am so excited to share them all with you guys!  This is the outfit I wore on Saturday night when everyone went out to dinner at an adorable restaurant in downtown Breckenridge for R's birthday.  The dress is the other vintage dress that my aunt sent me as a gift, which I basically never want to take off!  There was a little bit of snow on the ground up there, but it was actually the perfect fall temperature during the day in the high 50s.  I felt a little like Goldilocks with my hair whipping in the wind with a wooded backdrop and my basket of pine cones! I have to admit, I was pretty nervous venturing near the woods alone with my tripod as there are a ton of bears in the area, but I thankfully didn't run into any! The house we all shared and the scenery were so beautiful, but I will share more pictures soon!
     I will be catching up with everyone's blogs later today! I hope you all had a terrific weekend and are having a great start to your week!
xo Hannah


  1. glad you didn't run into any bears! love these wintery photos. the snow is so pretty and white and fresh there. love it. though I am totally not ready for it. :) another great dress from your aunt!

  2. I love your dress, so pretty. It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful weekend, what a gorgeous location! Glad you didn't bump into any bears :)

  3. Wow, Colorado is beautiful! I love the dress, and the pinecone basket!
    Here it's still in the high 70s. Sheesh.


  4. This is totally confusing me- snow and tshirt? How can this be possible? You are looking great and your outfit is wonderful. Especially these shoes are absolutely great... but I dont get how there can be snow and it can be warm enough for short dresses at the same time. Maybe that's because I am not used to mountains!?!?

  5. Such gorgeous photos, it looks like a beautiful place. I love your outfit! I honestly want to steal your aunt, she picks the best dresses!!

  6. that little basket of pine cones is adorable!! I love it!


  7. i am shivering looking at these! short sleeves in snow?!?!?! what what?!?! oh my and you touched. so cold right now! you look adorable though - i love your little basket and that dress is too cute

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

  8. Aw!! i LOVE this post! Love you little goldilocks! And I'm totally jealous of your cabin weekend getaway!!

  9. What a beautiful getaway! That dress is so pretty, what a great gift from your aunt! She must know you really well :) You are so good at styling photos, I love everything about these! Good luck being back to work and all that jazz...

  10. You are living in SNOW right now!?! I can't tell you how jealous I am! Last time I saw snow I was probably a pre-teen aka a long time ago. Love that outfit, especially those tights!



    Southern (California) Belle

  11. This location is stunning! And I wouldn't take that dress off either- I love it!

  12. I love Breckenridge!! We stayed there in cabins years ago and it was so much fun. These photos are gorgeous and I love your rights and shoes with that dress. I can't believe there's snow there already!

  13. ohmygosh, you are so lucky to be in a place with snow! ah, how i dream of winter. lovely photographs too!

    lindsey louise


  14. oh my goodness, 1) you look gorgeous! that dress is so dainty and just perfect on you and your hair is crazy shiny as well! 2) gaaah snow!! how pretty, esp w/ the beautiful woods, reminds me a ton of northern Arizona. 3) gaaah snow without a coat! 50s is like freezing for over here haha. and 4) most importantly, glad you enjoyed such a wonderful weekend w/ your friends & family, sounds amazing! & send belated bday wishes to R for me : )

  15. Such a beautiful outfit and the scenery is so picturesque! I love the snow but it's so cold..haha I'm a typical California girl. This post is making me look forward to winter! x

  16. love your basket!!! super swet look and pictures:) keep in touch dear:)) happy week!


  17. Your photos are so crisp, just excellent. And oh my, I want your shoes! Eeek, how brave to venture out when there could be bears!
    You've bagged yourself a new follower!


  18. aw you're CUTTEE...snow a re so great!you're standing there with no bold outfits!hope you don't get a cold!hehe


  19. these photos are beautiful, love the pine cones and snow! so natural and dreamy!

  20. what pretty pictures! i love that vintage dress, and it's so great with the tights! i'm glad you had such a great weekend!

  21. What a dream weekend getaway! I'm not much of a snow gal myself, but that really looks charming and those mountains in the background...take me there now. You are a modern day goldilocks Hannah! Your aunt's dress is perfection and of course looks made for you:) I always appreciate seeing a gorgeous little white dress in the cooler months like this.

    That's so cool that you made the pumpkin chili and that it turned out yummy for you and your fam. Hope you have a lovely week darling! xo Marisa

  22. I love that dress! So cute! :) And I love how your shoes and the basket kind of match! Wow, I'm amazed that you weren't freezing! Haha, I'm bundled up in sweaters once it reaches the 60s!


  23. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. The scenery out there looks gorgeous.

    xo erica

  24. Love your outfit. The colored tights are a fabulous addition.

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  25. I am missing the mountains like crazyyy. sigh.

  26. Love your shoes and green tights... and this post makes me want to go play in the snow! :)

  27. Looking fab! <3 <3

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