Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Hi Guys,
     Busy day at work today so I have to keep this short! I am pretty tired, but my sanity is being kept intact by this giant pumpkin spice latte sitting in front of me that I am trying my hardest to sip slowly and not guzzle. Anyway.  I am pretty happy with how these pictures turned out! I barely had to do any editing, the colors and lighting just naturally work perfect which to me is such a blessing sometimes.  You would never guess that just moments before I was huddled in my car waiting for a downpour to let up!
 Outfit Details:
Dress: Vintage- for sale in shop!
Hat: Brixton, via KarmaLoop
Red Oxfords: c/o American Apparel
Skinny Belt: F21
     I have been eyeing this hat for months, and I made out like a bandit when I saw it for sale on Karmaloop.  So happy with it, I want to wear it every day!  I paired it with this rainbow vintage dress that is for sale in my shop and my trusty red American Apparel oxfords.  While usually the tripod and self timer are my nemesis, sometimes I really like the freedom they allow you to be yourself.  Instead of standing in front of someone prancing around looking like a fool, I can do it all by my lonesome! That last shot I got in only three tries, and I really wanted to make a little moving gif out of the other two failures along with it because it looks like I am flapping like an overly excited ostrich.  I also wanted to make one of the shots where it was just the scenery in one and then I appear out of nowhere in the next because it looks like I am a time-traveling Looper.  Did you guys see that movie? I saw it last weekend and was pretty impressed!
     Alright, hope you guys are having a great day- we're half way through the week, we got this!
xo Hannah


  1. SO colorful and fun! Love it! That dress is is cute. That hat is also a great find! :) I, too, am drinking a pumpkin latte as I write. Nothing better. :)

  2. god i always love your pictures- i can't believe it was pouring just moments before! and that vintage dress is SO pretty- all those colors, it's right up my alley :)

  3. That dress!... It makes me positively jealous, you look so stunning in it! The print is so cute!:)

  4. Amazing outfit these photographs are so lovely!

  5. These photos are stunning! That dress is so gorgeous! I've just had another nosey in your shop there are so many things I want when I have money!
    And loving that hat & those shoes!

  6. a few things:

    1. these are beautiful!
    2. love your shoes.
    3. ...let's do a shoot sometime! seriously! wanna?
    4. pumpkin spice sounds amaaaaaaaaazing right now.

  7. Sooo colorful and lovely!! How do you find the time to do all these shoots!! Its amazing!! :)

  8. I absolutely love everything about this outfit. The shoes are so beautiful and the shot of the hat hanging on the branch is amazing.

  9. Yum, pumpkin spice latte! And cute dress :)


  10. That's the prettiest jumping photo I've ever seen! What a gem:) Speaking of a gem...hello, that hat is perfect too! These pictures are so vibrant, it's hard to believe that it is fall! I feel like where I live has been chronically grey - though I can't complain about the colorful trees. Loving all your vintage scores - such an eye for beautifully dresses you have!

    Have a splendid week my friend! Pumpkin spice lattes seriously make everything a little brighter. I will shamelessly admit, I've been gulping them down - sometimes more than one a day...hehe. Oh and about your comment, I would love to have you join me for a bonfire any day :)

    xo Marisa

  11. These photos are gorgeous, as usual. My favorite part is definitely the hat. It looks like it was made for you! And I LOVED Looper! I wasn't expecting it to be so good, definitely impressed.

  12. nice dress!!:):) i'm following you, visit my blog if you want :)

  13. These photos are super cute, I especially love the jumping shot... whenever I try to do jumping pictures I either end up with an awkward landing picture or one with my head out of the frame! I love how the band on the hat goes with your shoes. :)
    Faye x

  14. That last photo you look as if you're flying, haha! So cute! Your dress, and well, whole look is so bright and fun! And I agree, sometimes it's nice to act a fool while taking outfit photos, but with a tripod of course! hahah
    xoxo Mama wolf.

  15. I love the dress, so pretty, and the photos are gorgeous. The last photo is perfect, can't believe you got in in just three tries! I want to see that gif! Pumpkin spice lattés just beg to be guzzled... Happy Thursday :)

  16. yay! the brixton hat! it looks SO cute on you - and i love it with this outfit! glad you picked it up. and i love this dress. sooo cute on you - i guess its a romper actually though? anyhow i could never look good in it - but you look awesome in it!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  17. Love the outfit! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I fixed the follow button, so if you'd like to follow me on Bloglovin', that'd be rad. I'm going to be following you as well, I love you're style!


  18. Where are you??? It's gorgeous and I want to go there NOW!!!

  19. Love that dress

  20. such lovely shots, love the one with the hat flying away! xx

  21. I much prefer taking photos of myself with a tripod and timer than having someone else do it - I get too awkward when someone else is behind the lens! I loved Looper, such a good flick. And I also love your dress :) Have a great weekend.

  22. Your photography always has such a quality to it! This setting is so magical.. and THAT dress! It is just the cutest. Love how you've tied in all the red accessories. Hope you enjoyed that pumpkin spice latte. They've become a vice for me too lately :)


  23. That's such a lovely happy look! I loved it!


  24. um ok i LOVE this outfit!! LOVE LOVE LOVE you look amazing and those colors! and the hat?! its all perfection! the belt too!! oh an ps. in the post above i forgot to mention i loved the knee socks!

    xoxo, lyndsey

  25. You sure live in a beautiful place!! This is such a fun outfit- good score on that hat! These are really great photos, you are a pro with the tripod. I have been trying to get better for that exact reason- getting to feel more comfortable! Brian usually takes my photos but sometimes I get caught up in posing so I've been practicing with the tripod :)

  26. glad you linked back to this post bcuz i always meant to comment on it. your jump is soo fun, just perfect & I love that bright cheery dress & esp that you thought to pair it w/ teh red booties, which i'm def majorly jealous of : ). ok dangit, enough avoiding accounting hw, your blog is just too cute!