Parisian Stripes

It's so hard to get good photos shooting in the bright Colorado summer sun! Standing in the shade makes photos too dark and hazy and standing in the sun makes the light too harsh and contrasty. Definitely have a goal this summer to get to know my camera better on completely manual settings so I have more control!  Test subjects welcome :)
Outfit Details                                                               
Overalls & Purse - in the shop soon!
Scarf- Vintage
Sandals - BC Footwear via Swell
Striped Tee - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Zero UV

I wore this to Boulder this weekend to go and checkout the outdoor market where I will be selling two weekends from now!  The market was pretty small and low key, I wish it was advertised better because it has an awesome downtown location right along the creek, but it didn't seem like that many people knew about it!  That said, it will probably make for an easier transition into the market and in-person scene if its not swarming with people!  If you are in the Colorado area, mark your calendars for the afternoon of Sunday July 12th and come visit me at Boulder Market, I would love to see you there!
xo Hannah
p.s. All this outfit needs is a Baguette, #AmIRight? Too bad I'm in the middle of the Whole30 and can't have delicious, bready carbs! Missing my one true love, pizza, a whole lot right now!


  1. Oh! I will have to come and check that out! I hear ya on the photography/sun issue. It is especially hard for me since the only time that i can take my photos is at 2 in the afternoon! I love the scarf with this striped shirt and the shorttalls are adorable!

  2. If I post this twice I apologize - my last one didn't show. I love this summery look! The crop top and overalls are just too cute. Best of luck with the market :]

  3. So chic!!



  4. Yep, getting pictures in the midday sun in the worst. Finding shade can be difficult when it's so freakin' sunny! I love that scarf so much against the stripes.

  5. You look great in this (love that it is crop top)!

    I have the problem with the light too and getting that golden hour is really the only answer we've found...