Sunny Yellow

Just hangin' in the back yard in the 90 something degree weather yesterday! When I was editing these, I actually could see mosquitos zooming around me in the photos, yuck.  I love our yard this time of year, but those little suckers sure do put a damper on things.

Outfit Details:
Wedges - thrifted

Both the sunny yellow dress and the handmade crown are available in the shop right now! I wasn't expecting to like this dress so much until I put it on to shoot it - yellow is just such a happy color and it was super comfortable to boot.
    Life lately has consisted of chasing after my wilding foster kittens, working on summer items for the shop, and really just enjoying the sunshine that's finally arrived! Hope you're having a good week!
xo Hannah


  1. Such a cute dress! I do adore the color yellow. And that adorable umbrella makes the perfect backdrop to those photos!

  2. This yellow dress and the handmade crown were meant to be worn together:) You are beautifully gowned, the outfit turned out so feminine and pretty!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  3. That dress is so gorgeous - love the colour! :)

  4. Amazing post dear!


  5. You look so lovely in yellow! And that crown! And the shoes! Perfection!


  6. Yeah I totally get you! Love being outside and going for walks but those pesky mosquitoes really do put a damper on things. On the plus side, you look absolutely gorgeous! I love the flower crown so much with the yellow dress! I am dying to wear the ones I created on my blog. Soon :)
    Hmm my question is how do you know that you are influential enough to start monetizing? And if you're not at that point yet, how do you get there?
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  7. Yellow is so cheerful, especially on you; its a great color for you! And that floral crown is the -*ahem*- crowning touch!

    Yikes!- 90s already? Well, I guess it is June but....

  8. This dress and matching flower crown are amazing! I love that it's yellow and is such a delightful and happy color and it looks so good on your skin tone! I hear you on the mosquitoes, I get bit within about a few minutes of walking outside! It makes thing utterly miserable.