Pizza Pizza Pizza

Hi guys!  Back from my trip home from New Jersey and trying to get back into the swing of things here in Colorado, which is proving difficult knowing I am leaving again in five days for Hawaii! New Jersey was a whirlwind of Christmas, New Years, my friend's wedding, and way too much food (especially right before Hawaii!) And even though I arrived back in Colorado sick and with lost luggage (which has since been found), I am still super happy I went and saw so many of my best friends that I miss so dearly!
Outfit Details:
Shirt - Alphonnsine
Jeans - c/o American Apparel
Hat - Amazon (gift)
Scarf - Vintage (gift)
Boots - DSW

These pictures were taken a few days before I left for NJ, and while I brought my camera home with me, I did not take it out of the bag the whole time I was there.  Still not completely convinced I want to keep taking outfit photos this year, but I am also not ready to let it go completely.  I am hoping to maybe add a few more travel, food, and lifestyle posts into the mix to see if I can find a blogging balance I can still feel passionate about. Any suggestions would be welcome!

Anyway, thanks for continuing to read even through my phase of sporadic blogging, I always read and enjoy every single comment you guys leave!

Hope you're all having a great start to your 2015.
xo Hannah


  1. What a fun shirt! I love those pants as well. I love seeing other people's outfit posts, but I also really enjoy reading lifestyle posts too, it's so interesting to see what life is like in other places! I hope you have a wonderful 2015 and have a great time in Hawaii!

  2. It's good to add things in, so I say GO FOR IT! That's why I end up posting more art than outfits. It's totally okay to try new areas in blogging because our interests change and grow as we do. :)

  3. That top is so cute

  4. Oh, wow- I really love this outfit. I'm a bit surprised you aren't sure about taking outfit photos (I do love them!) But I think mixing things up a bit helps. I'd love to see more of your new home and you do a lot of DIY- I miss your posts about how you alter thrifted dresses into cuter versions of themselves too. And posts about your business (or running a business in general?) would be interesting.

  5. Being as how I am also a Colorado blogger and just found your blog, I do hope you throw an outfit photo in here and there but others are fun too! This shirt is fun and so me--love pizza. I am glad that your luggage got found! What a pain! Enjoy your trip! I am jealous!

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday and that you have a lot of fun adventures to continue! I love your outfit photos, so I hope they continue, but other things can be fun too! I love your shirt by the way, so unique and hilarious!

    Safe travels to Hawaii (soooo jealous!)


  7. Sounds like a great trip home- nothing beats connecting with long time friends! Girl, I have been in the lost luggage boat more times than I can count- I have the worst luck with that. I always say it's better to happen on the way home though. I am in the same boat with blog decisions but also don't feel ready to give it up... decisions decisions. Have an amazing time in Hawaii- I will be jealous of your Insta updates! ;)

  8. I love NJ! This is an awesome outfit... I love everything about it. I adore the babydoll dress you sent me too and can't wait to wear it.

  9. This t-shirt is too great! Hope you had a blast being a part of your best friend's wedding. My best friends are starting to get married and I am so excited for that this year!

    ♥ perfectly Priya