In a Land Called Hanalei

Hi Strangers.  It's been awhile, and I've honestly just been soaking up the sun and sand without wanting to even open my laptop or camera!  I am currently staying in the little town of Hanalei on the island of Kauai, one of my favorite places ever.  We rented a little cottage on the creek in easy walking distance to the beach, town, and some awesome food trucks.  I would camp out here for a few months and avoid the Colorado winter altogether if it was at all possible!
 The view from the from of our rental.
 R, my handsome photographer who doesn't like pictures.
 Our dolphin cottage.
Outfit Details:
Dress - thrifted (gifted to my mom for Christmas, and re-borrowed back!)
Purse - Vintage
Sunglasses - Rome street vendor.

These were taken on the way out to dinner last night in our streamside backyard at twilight.  I have been feeling really uninspired by outfits, as it usually involves lots of sun tan lotion, very little makeup, and maybe a sweaty beac cover up.  I am going to try to document a few more before I leave though, as I know I will regret not taking advantage of the warm weather, later sunsets, and beautiful scenery when I'm back in Colorado!
Anyway, I have honestly been missing you guys and the inspiration of the blogging community, so I am excited to get back into swing of things next week after I'm home.  But for now, I'm off to finish this Mai Tai ;)
xo Hannah


  1. Oh, such gorgeous scenery indeed and I'm jealous of the bare feet and summery dress. Have fun, Hannah!

    1. Thank you Kristian, hope all is well and you're staying cozy and warm! :)

  2. Your hair looks so great in that lighter shade of blonde! Also, jealous of your holiday. I just got back from a trip to the UK, Serbia and Hungary and while it was amazing, I really wish I was somewhere warm! Winter is getting me down.

    1. Thank you Charmaine! Totally going to check out your trip as well, sounds amazing!

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  4. Such beautiful photos!


  5. That dress is so perfect! I can see why you borrowed it back from your mom - super cute! HOpe that you are having an amazing time!


  6. How magical! I love the scenery... and your pastel dress goes perfectly with the theme and your little painted toe nails and light blonde hairs! Have fun my dear...

  7. Love the whimsical colors & pattern on this dress, and the lighting/scenery is magic! Your hair looks great too :)


  8. That looks like a wonderfully peaceful place. Enjoy the heck out of it! I love the soft lighting and the pastels of your dress, great photos!

  9. Your trip looked so amazing from the pics- how great that you get to go to Hawaii each year, it probably really helps with getting through the Colorado winter. I love this dress, such a perfect print for a tropical trip. Your mom has really good taste!

  10. Yea, can I have that backyard please? I actually really like an outfit like this during the summer. Just a pretty dress and bare feet- what more does a girl need? It's really simple but illicits the best type of mood. You look gorgeous dahling :)

    xo marlen
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  11. The lighting really is lovely in these shots, and what a pretty dress. It does look like a wonderful, relaxed place! Glad to have found your blog, and thank you for stopping by mine x