Venice (Italy Travel Journal Pt7)

Since I am about to leave for my next adventure this weekend, I thought I best FINALLY wrap up my previous travel photos from Italy.  And I've got to say,  Venice may have been my favorite place of all (though I think it may be a tie with Positano).  Let's just say I'm a pretty big sucker for water and pretty colorful buildings, which both places share, though they are very different!

Dressed like a hobo trying to stay warm and dry.
Evening gondola service. 
Nighttime market 
Striped and ready to row! 
The view from the bedroom window of our apartment! 
Apartment view 2. 
A gull friend on the rialto bridge. 
Meeting up with my friend Diane, whom I studied abroad with in Mexico in 2007! 
One of my favorite shots from the whole time.  Pops of color on a dreary day. 
Twinkling lights invite you in from the rain. 
 The Rialto Bridge 
Pretty Chairs 
Rainy day boats. 
Mom and Dad! 
Pink Street Lights
Mom and dad, dancing in the rain to an orchestra!

I know that was a LOT more photos than I usually post and my apologies if that killed your computer speed, but I just could not narrow it down!  Venice was two days of exploring in the rain with my camera, with intermissions for pizza and wine.  Does it get any better?!  Hope you enjoyed the last of my Italy photos!
xo Hannah


  1. Looks truly like am amazing place to visit! Love your outfit, such a cool mix of prints.

  2. What a picturesque place! I love the photo of the nighttime market. :)

  3. Venezia! Sigh... thank you for the mini-holiday and getting to imagine being in rainy Italia for a while instead of snowy Wyoming.

  4. I love the picture of your parents dancing in the rain! Nice overview of Venice. I have been to many places in Italy but never to Venice. I think I should go :)
    Happy new year!

  5. Lovely pictures! I can't wait to visit Venice myself one day. By the way, your parents are so cute in that last picture :).

    xo, Serli

  6. Just tears. Tears down my cheeks while scrolling through these. This looks BEAUTIFUL haha, I couldn't imagine leaving. I'd just force myself to learn Italian and become a gondola driver. Also, your coat is so cute :)

    xo marlen
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  7. Absolutely dying over the view from your window. How did you find the places you stayed in? Were they airb&bs? Italy is definitely on the top of my list for places to visit, I can't wait to go one day!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  8. You have a really great blog! I have been looking through some of your posts and the photography is so much fun! I love your outfit in this post, too. I feel like (and not trying to be creepy) I can relate to your style/personality? Hope that doesn't sound weird and that you understand what I mean, haha!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva