Friday's Favorite Finds {Vol. 14}

As the seasons start to change, I always find my wishlist growing at an infinitely faster rate.  I MUST have new boots, new jackets, cozy sweaters, cute coffee mugs... You know, cause' all of those things from LAST year must have just disappeared, must not fit anymore, must not be in style... Just kidding, but sometimes isn't that how advertising and social media makes you feel?!  I definitely don't *need* new ones of any of those things, but I surely do want them!  So without further adieu, let me add some food for the fodder with what I'm loving right now!

Would it be awkward if I wore this and I don't have a cat?

 Remember this Branch DIY I did a few years ago?  Well, R has hung it sideways in our little master toilet room which we kindly refer to as the dungeon (its just big enough for yourself inside, is super dark, and is fittingly painted an awful dark brown).  The branch looks like some creepy torture device without all the pretty jewelry hanging from it and the nails sticking out everywhere..  So, I have some big plans to refinish the branch and make it into an entryway clothing rack like this one!

I have had these Minnetonka El Paso Ankle Boots on my wishlist since last fall season.  If they're on there for a full year and you still find yourself coming back to them, I'd say that will be a well thought out purchase, #amirite?

Right now, our garden is going CRAZY with tomatoes.  One of the bushes is larger than I am and has SO many big green tomatoes that just don't seem to want to ripen.  The other is a smaller type of tomato and there's a few new ripe ones to pick every single day now.  Thus, I am trying to find all the recipes that involve tomatoes, and this beautiful and healthier looking pizza option is on the top of my list!

 Another thing that I am always on the lookout for is an authentic Hudson Bay striped blanket.  They are usually very out of my price range though!  This polar fleece version of the throw though would be such a cute alternative, and at $40 as opposed to hundreds, I may actually be able to make it work!

I wish this hat was sitting on my head right now.

 I've been wanting ALL THE CANDLES.  This cute plaid one is jasmine lime scented little anchor one is pine and moss scented - yum!

This hand woven Weekender Bag from Mitla Moda is what my fall dreams are made of. And a very happy belated birthday to the lovely shop owner Dusana as well!

Have a great weekend!
xo Hannah


  1. YES that cat shirt! You can always fry up some green tomatoes ;)

  2. My sister and best friend should both own that cat shirt (they have cats and it's totally their style,) but I kind of want it for myself, too, catless as I am! I think it would be awkward in the best way if you wore it and people tried to start conversations with you about your nonexistent cat :) Your toilet dungeon branch situation sounds pretty hilarious - I think the branch will look excellent as a coat rack! I'm jealous of your garden, homegrown tomatoes are amazing.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  3. I want that hat too! Also- you do have a cat, just you know, on the weekends and its a different cat or two each time :) I' always admire the work you do to help the shelter.

  4. I love those ankle boots! I definitely agree that if something is on your wish list that long, then it's a solid purchase! You're lucky you have so many tomatoes, I just haven't figured out gardening yet (or really invested much time in it), and now I'm craving that pizza :)

  5. oh my goodness thanks so much Hannah for the bday wishes!! I tried to keep it so low key and didnt say anything about it online and so it was extra exciting to see this here. And of course a huge thanks for featuring the weekender bag! also, that hat & sweater are all around fabulous and I seriously have had that branch DIY on my mental "to DIY" list since I saw your post on it long ago.