Date Night in White

Hi guys, happy #MeowMonday.  (I thought I just made that up because that's when I do my kitty feeding volunteer work, but apparently 8,000 people on instagram already had the idea first.) Anyway, feeding those sweet kitties sure does make for a nice start to the week!
Outfit Details
Babydoll Dress - in the shop here!
Hat - Eddie Bauer
Necklaces - gifted/ vtg
Shoes - DSW
Jacket - Target (old)

As for the outfit, I wore the little 90s babydoll dress (now in the shop here!) out to dinner with R last weekend.  We got what could only be referred to as "goblets" of beer for happy hour, split some yummy fried pickles, and then I got a delicious polenta veggie dish as my main course.  It's been fun exploring some restaurants in our new downtown, and its refreshing that they usually don't include the throngs of college kids that you'll find anywhere in downtown boulder.

Also, take a good look at this little old blog, as I'm planning a huge makeover this week and can't wait to share the finished product with you guys soon!  Its time to say sayōnara to chevron and yellow and welcome the new season with a fresh new look!
xo Hannah


  1. Aw, MeowMonday I like it! I'll pretend you came up with it because I heard it here first, so good job on that one Hannah! ;)
    How fun to get to start your week that way too, man kitties are the best.
    I love exploring new restaurants too. Sean and I have found a couple of new favorite spots in our town recently too and I like supporting local businesses rather than chain restaurants anyhow. Sounds like a delicious evening! And of course you look so beautiful here too. A babydoll dress with a leather jacket is always a great combination!

  2. gorgeous dress on you! Can't go wrong with white


  3. AH! Can't wait to see the make-over... man, I need to do that for own blog too... sigh.

    These items pair perfectly with the white dress. There is just enough Indiana Jones to give the whole look an extra sense of adventure!

  4. girl you look fierce in that second picture! and gorgeous in them all. I'm loving the jacket w/ the soft white dress. that's so fun you're exploring & enjoying your new town! fried pickles sound like something you'd find at the fair but pretty amazing!

  5. Haha, I think the number of cat-related hashtags on instagram must outnumber all the other hashtags put together :) I'm a huge fan of this outfit. I love how you took something sweet like a little white dress and toughened it up with edgier elements - it really suits your style and personality :) I'm excited to see your new blog design, I've always liked your current one but I'm sure the new one will be awesome!


  6. Loving your hair so much! How fun to have a new downtown to explore- I feel like that would be the best part of moving somewhere different. I LOVE fried pickles and polenta so everything you ate is making me hungry :) Can't wait to see the new blog look!

  7. Loving the tough sweet combo with the dress and leather jacket. And also, thought it was funny how similar our blog layouts look, considering the color scheme, quirky background, etc.

  8. What a pretty dress! I can't wait to see your blog makeover!

  9. So I have a weakness for white dresses, and this is absolute perfect, versatile lwd. (Just putting it out there, if you ever put this up for swap, I might be all over it. Just saying.) I'm in love with how you styled it. Also, I'm even more in love with your new blog design! It's gorgeous.


  10. I love this faux leather jacket. I picked up one myself just yesterday at Target... I can't wait to wear it!

  11. Love this outfit it's so cute! and thank you for visiting my blog hun really appreciate it and the comments :-* xx