Lavender Locks

Hi guys!  I worked basically all weekend so while its Monday, I kind of don't mind because its not as traumatic as a Monday coming off a super fun weekend.  Plus, I had THE BEST thrifting/ buying trip for the shop this Saturday, so that part hardly seemed like work at all!  Let's just say I went to a new thrift store a bit further away and they had just put out their Halloween merchandise, which is the best time of year to find super unique and old finds. Wahoo!

Anyway, here I am testing out my new lavender locks from Wigsbuy!  Fun colorful hair without the commitment or upkeep (or hatred from R).
Outfit Details:
Vintage Floral Dress - for sale in the shop
Booties - thrifted
Purple Wig - c/o Wigsbuy

This wig was actually about six inches longer when it arrived in the mail, so I gave it a nice little trim to make it look a little less costume-y on me.   I absolutely love it, but these wigs definitely need a bit of styling in my opinion before they are ready to wear, so I twisted the sides back, brushed it out, and was ready to go! 

As much as I have loved my two pastel wigs, I think I would want my next wig from Wigsbuy to be a more natural looking one.  I have SO much fun putting on my wigs, but still do not have the courage to really go out in public wearing the ones I have.  A wig that could change up my look a bit but still look like it could occur naturally on me would be so much fun too!  Below are my top more natural looking picks from Wigsbuy.


While I have never tried any of these personally, I think its pretty cool that they make wigs based off of celebrity inspiration pictures, and I would definitely be interested to see how close it comes to the actual picture!

Anyway, I have so much to get done this week before I am off on yet another little holiday up to the mountains with R's fam next weekend!


  1. I love wigs. My hair is so dark it is a pain in the backside keeping a fun color maintained so in Fall and Winter (aka not 100 degrees) I wear lots of wigs. The lavender looks great on you, reminds me I need to pull out my lavender one again.

    1. Thank you! Totally going to check out your blog for some wig inspiration :)

  2. ooo that brown shoulder length wavy looks pretty! and i LOVE how the pastel looks with the yellow of the flowers. this whole shoot turned out super, super pretty

    xo marlen
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  3. I like the way you styled this wig! Maybe I should consider getting one if and when I have to say goodbye to my pink hair in favor of a more sensible shade. I love Christina Hendricks' hair!

    Looking forward to seeing your new finds in the shop :) How fun that you guys have a little vacation coming up!


    1. Thanks Isabella! Though I totally wish mine was real like yours!

  4. I've never worn a wig (or considered it!) but I totally would wear one if it meant I got to have lavender hair! Or bright red, that'd be great! Love this look on you, you totally pull off the color!

    1. I had never really considered it before either, but now I'm a total convert haha! Thank you!

  5. oh lavender looks gorgeous on you, I miss having purple hair! as for the more natural ones, I love the top two xx britishmermaid.blogspot.co.uk

  6. I think that sounds like a fun idea! I've never worn a wig in public but I've worn "a piece" before.... it looked super real so it worked out okay. I love the bottom right one with the side swept bangs.

  7. I'm so interested to see how you'd look in one of the "more natural" looks- all your choices look fun

  8. I love that dress! Purple is my favorite color. Fun that you have hair to match your dress. Also I can't wait for your big announcement!

    ♥ perfectly Priya