Friday, August 1, 2014

Mountain Sun

Each time I come back to shoot blog photos on this little path in my neighborhood, these wild sunflowers are bigger and bigger.  Note to self when shooting on a dirt path though:  do not where stilettos.  I teetered around looking like a weirdo and sinking completely into the mud with each step I took.  I should just keep my mouth shut though and let you guys think I am graceful and sophisticated. 
Outfit Details:
Patchwork Jacket - c/o Oasap
Jeans - Volcom
Sunglasses - Lulu*s
Heels - Shoemint

Its been cool and rainy the past few days here, so I jumped at the chance to take both shop and blog photos as soon as the sun came out yesterday.  I threw on this beautiful quilted jacket I just got in the mail, even though it was already much too hot to wear it.  For anyone who runs any sort of online shop, you know that natural sunlight is best for product photos, but boy is it frustrating when you plan to shoot listing pictures and then its too dark and gloomy for days so your work is stalled.  I think I should probably just invest in a better indoor lighting situation so I'm not so dependent on the weather, but lack of sunshine isn't typically a problem here in Colorado!

Anyway,  I am completely baffled that August has already arrived.  Lots of fun things planned this month.  Cheers to making the most of summer while its still around!
xo Hannah


  1. Lol it seems like that's always happening to me too. Stupid stilettos in the mud. Love this look though! That jacket is gorgeous and I love your hair up with the ripped jeans and heels :)


  2. Wow that jacket is perfect, I love the combination of patterns. I must check it out next time I am on OASAP.

  3. You live in such a pretty area! Yeah I know the feeling, taking photos without natural sunlight always bums me out!

  4. I'm in love with these jeans! They fit you perfectly and I just adore the ripped look!!

  5. This has a very nineties feel to me!

  6. This outfit is SO awesome. Sexy! Haha :)


  7. that is such a great jacket. A true statement piece!

  8. Lovely jacket n killer sunnies.
    Thanks for ur comment on my blog , if u want we could follow each other on gfc/g+/bloglovin ! Let me know..

  9. Hi Hannah :) What gorgeous landscape you have there. Looks so pretty, as does your excellent quilted jacket. Very nice.

  10. That jacket is so amazing!! Or better: PERFECT!!
    Lovely outfit.

  11. You look so cute with your hair up! Also, those heels are fabulous!

  12. Love those red sunglasses! And the landscape is charming. It's fun finding pretty spots close to home :)

  13. lovely photos! that jacket is amazing! great look!

  14. What a gorgeous jacket, so pretty details.

  15. Ah your top knot is just perfect. It sadly always takes me way too long to achieve the perfect bun. Also the scenery for your photos are always amazing, like I can't believe this is just some path near your house!

  16. I love this outfit. It's so different and lovely on you!

  17. Outfit is so relaxed and stylish! Love the top knot and red lips with the ripped jeans! xx

  18. oh interesting to hear! I actually thought you had invested in a smidge of indoor photo things because your photos for your shop listings always look so great and was going to ask you for some tips & tricks! But i def know what you mean about impeding weather when you want to get outdoor shots, although i more often have the to sunny problem.