Take It Easy

Hi guys,
   I've got to keep this short but just wanted to stop in and say hello.  I am on a little mini vacation renting a cabin/ house up in the mountains with R's family right now and unfortunately just realized I forgot my computer charger.  The extra unfortunate part is that this Monday was supposed to be a big and exciting new business announcement for me, but I am pushing it back a week because my computer battery has only about thirty minutes left before it dies and I won't be able to get everything done in time!  Oh well, now I will just be "forced" to sit back and relax.  So on that note, here are a few snaps from a little hike we did in Breckenridge today!

(The gang minus R's mom!)

My apologies in advance for my upcoming unplanned absence!  I will still be posting on instagram if you'd like to follow along there.  I'm going to go try enjoy myself and not feel so panicky about not having my computer for the next four days!  I think a beer and a soak in the hot tub may help ;)


  1. Aww! It looks like you are having a nice time! Relax and enjoy your computer free vacation!

  2. Seems you are having fantastic time there, I'm envious of you a bit:) Hehe)) Besides, those snapshots are so lovely! The place is amazingly beautiful and picturesque)
    Have a fabulous time! Take care!

  3. Staying in a cabin sounds like a lovely experience. Would love to do that some day. Enjoy yourself!

  4. Wow, that scenery is so gorgeous it doesn't even look real! Enjoy your vacation and time away from the computer :)

  5. Such beautiful pics! Your computer free time will probably be a nice break- enjoy! Can't wait for your announcement :)

  6. Staying in a cabin sounds so nice and relaxing. Enjoy yourself! :D

  7. Hope you are having a great time though! Enjoy the blogging break- even if it was forced on you by lack of charger!

  8. Looks like you're having so much fun! What a wonderful spot... I miss the forrest so much! Tears.... everything is dry here and it looks so lush there. Have fun and can't wait to hear about your good news!

  9. These pictures are gorgeous! It's great to take breaks from technology from time to time to just breathe :)