Jungle Fever {Makeover Monday!}

Hello and happy Monday! Hope you guys are ready for another little clothing makeover I did recently! 

Sometimes when I am on the hunt for vintage treasures for the shop, I spot something that is quite frumpy in its current form, but then an idea pops into my head about how to spruce it up for the modern day gal.  So was the case with this Jungle Parrot print blouse and shorts set.  I instantly fell in love with the wild print and knew it would look even cuter as a crop top and high waisted shorts set.  Then, the idea to add pom pom fringe came to me and the rest is crazy.  Beware, this makeover is not for the feint of heart ;)

Outfit Details:
Jungle Parrot Set - Vintage/ DIY
Vintage Oxfords - for sale in the shop here!
Sunnies - Lulu*s

    Anyway, this outfit may be more appropriate for a tropical beach than the mountain road trip we took this weekend, but you've got to work with what you've got.  And here in Colorado, there's no beach in sight (unfortunately).  To do this makeover, I took up the length of the blouse and the shorts a few inches each, hemmed them on my sewing machine, and then added the pom pom fringe mostly by hand, since my sewing machine wasn't being very cooperative.  I got the pom poms from Jo Ann Fabrics, and now am thinking about a whole line of cute crop top with pom pom fringe for the shop.  What do you guys think? If only I could figure out how to make my machine cooperate with the thick materials a bit more, because this took me hours and hours to do by hand!

     This set should be up in the shop later this week!  And in other exciting news, I am doing a giveaway over on Southern (California) Belle today!  The winner will get a custom designed floral crown in the colors and size of their choice, handmade by me! All you have to do to enter is be a follower of this blog, so head on over to enter here!

xo Hannah 


  1. Aw, I love this set Hannah! Looking goooood!


  2. Your makeover is brilliant. I love that print too but never could have seen the potential of the cropped top with the shorts. You're so good at this!!

  3. I think it looks way more modern and trendy! Matching separates seem to be all the rage.
    I love the fringe, I think it makes it so fun and whimsical.

  4. Oh my goodness, you transformed it beautifully! I adore the trim, and the new pieces look fantastic on you (and with your cute glasses!) From one seamstress to another, I applaud and envy you :)


  5. I love this makeover- how fun! I hear ya on the "no beach in sight" :) Love how you add your own spin on some items in the shop!

  6. You know, if you had just described it to me, I'm not sure I would have ever thought pompom fringe could turn out that way, but I'm so glad you mind works the way it does. That is ADORABLE. You are adorable!

  7. Omigosh, you did such a good job fixing this piece up! I especially adore the pom pom fringe. Absolutely adorable, especially with those matching sunnies!

  8. Wow, what a transformation! So cute!

  9. Oh wow what a beautiful transformation, especially the trim! Incredible!

    Rebecca Coco

  10. OH MY GOSH, i LOVE the idea of the pom pom fringe! that was just inspired. I'm totally copying you on this one- now i can't wait to go thrift something crazy and do this, haha. amazing hannah :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  11. In LOVE with your sunnies and this pattern is so rad. Thrilled to discover your blog and shop, so cute!! xoxo

  12. This is so cute! I LOVE the makeover; I have a few garments I want to make over, and you've inspired me to get started today. The print on that set is amazing. I wouldn't have wanted to give it up, either!

  13. I can't even! This makeover. Its. just. so. good!


  14. What a great outfit! Never thought this style could look so chic!

  15. What a great outfit makeover! Love the fringe you added and the wild print!

  16. You are way too talented and creative, Hannah! This looks awesome!


  17. That is such an amazing difference! You are so talented!